Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mike Holmes is "Radically Canadian"

On Mike's Facebook page today, he shared a post from David Suzuki's page.

I have a radical idea. Let’s make Canada a leader in energy efficiency, responsible use of resources, green jobs for young people, and innovation!
- Mike Holmes, Radical Canadian

"Are You Radically Canadian?" is apparently the battle cry for David Suzuki, famed Canadian environmentalist, and his foundation, the David Suzuki Foundation. Underneath the photo and quote from Mike, he posts a link, where you can make a monthly pledge to be "Radically Canadian," the qualifications of which include:

If it's radical to:
  1. Protect nature
  2. Defend informed debate and policies based on science
  3. Work tirelessly to leave Canada a better place
then we are radically Canadian!

I am neither radical, nor Canadian, but I do find it admirable to care about your country and making it a better place.

This is the banner, currently posted on David Suzuki's Facebook, by the way. It sports the "Are You Radically Canadian?" slogan, and as you can see, Mike's mug is in the bottom right hand corner, right above the David Suzuki Foundation logo.
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