Friday, July 24, 2015

Home Free -- Before and After Pics of House #1

I hope you all caught the premiere of Home Free, Mike Holmes' brand new show which airs Wednesday nights at 9 PM on FOX. During the episode, all 9 couples worked to renovate a dilapidated home for a deserving family under the watchful supervision of Mike and his crew. As it turned out, the deserving family ending up being the one couple eliminated by Mike at the end of the show. Just how dilapidated was the house that the couples worked on? Check out these before and after photos posted on the FOX website! From the looks of it, the couples did a fantastic job and helped to create a beautiful home!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Secret to Hiring the Perfect Contractor

In case you didn't know, Mike Holmes has been a contractor for well over 30 years, so it's safe to say that Mike knows a little about how to hire a good contractor. Perhaps more importantly, Mike's seen the emotionally and financially devastating consequences of hiring a bad contractor and has built his career around making it right for those burned by so-called professionals who don't care enough or know enough to do the job right. Unfortunately for the vast majority of us, the chances of getting on one of Mike's shows is slim to none, so it's important to know how to hire a good contractor (and avoid the bad ones) before you start a renovation project. In this video posted by Home Free FOX, Mike gives his "secrets" to hiring the right guy for the job. If you've seen any of Mike's shows or have picked up one of his best selling books, you've probably heard this advice before. There's really no magic in hiring the perfect contractor - it's all about slowing down and using your head.

Want to know the secret to hiring the perfect contractor? Mike Holmes has a few tips & tricks for you!
Posted by Home Free FOX on Thursday, July 23, 2015

Home Free Premiere Episode - Review and Recap

Last night, the premiere episode of Mike's latest show aired on the FOX network. He promised it would be big, and I'm happy to say Mike delivered! Home Free is probably the biggest and most life changing reno-reality show on TV. It's also Mike's first whole-hearted jaunt into the US market. So how did Canada's most trusted contractor do south of the border? This American blogger thinks that Home Free is exciting, fast paced, and bursting at the seams with Mike's over the top personality. The show features 9 couples who work together and against each other to win their dream home in Atlanta, Georgia. After five days of hard work in the sun and the rain renovating a dilapidated house inside and out for a deserving family, one couple who doesn't meet Mike's stringent standards for quality gets eliminated from the competition. There is a twist however - every show has to have a twist! In true Mike Holmes fashion, no one goes home empty handed. At the very end after all the other contestants have been carted away, it is revealed to the eliminated couple that the home they worked so hard on belongs to them. Feelings ensue and the reaction is nothing short of TV gold.

Although almost everybody's favorite moment of the show is where the two teachers Jamaal and Sheena went from utter devastation to pure ecstasy after they found out that they would be receiving a new home, my favorite moment is a little different. I actually prefer the moment in the show when Kate was wildly swinging a sledge hammer and Mike flipped out, sending her outside to think about what she had done. If you've ever watched Mike's shows in the past, you know that Mike is all about safety, and I thought it was funny that if you don't work safely, Mike's going to put you in time out!

By the way, you can watch the entire premiere of Home Free on the Home Free FOX Facebook page.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Premiere of Home Free on FOX

Tonight is the big night we've all been waiting for! Mike's brand new reality show on the FOX network premieres tonight -- in fact, it's already premiered on the east coast, and it's currently airing on the west cost right now! I'll be posting more about tonight's episode tomorrow.

Earlier today, Mike was in LA doing some press on Good Day LA talking about his new sure-to-be-a-hit-show Home Free. You can watch Mike's segment on the show here.

Pictures from Mike's appearance:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It Feels Great To Be Back!

Hello everyone! I've been gone for a while, but there's a reason why, and I'd like you all to meet the reason why I've stepped away from this blog for the last couple of months. I'd like you all to meet Madison, my beautiful baby girl.

Mike has been doing some incredibly awesome and exciting things, and I've been doing my best to follow them all, with a newborn on my hip. I finally feel like it's time to come back and start blogging again, especially with Mike's new FOX reality show premiering tomorrow! More to come...