Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Mike!

The Holmes Spot wishes Mike Holmes a very happy birthday! We think you only turn 52 once in a lifetime, and it should be celebrated with gusto! In years gone by, I've put together some creative little surprises for Mike to celebrate, however I have a little milk-drinking (and time-sucking) human attached to my hip, and she demands I spend virtually every free waking (and sleeping) moment with her.

Here's a little flashback to birthdays past. This is the "gift" I made for Mike in 2012. It took 6 months to create, and Mike was very appreciative of it! I got the idea to make this cartoon in February of 2012 while watching the South Park movie. After singing along to "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" I thought to myself, Mike Holmes deserves a completely gratuitously over the top ridiculous fan song too! Thus, the Mike Holmes Cartoon was born.

Happy Birthday Mike! Here's to many more birthdays, and lots more joy to come!