Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Mike!

The Holmes Spot wishes Mike Holmes a very happy birthday! We think you only turn 52 once in a lifetime, and it should be celebrated with gusto! In years gone by, I've put together some creative little surprises for Mike to celebrate, however I have a little milk-drinking (and time-sucking) human attached to my hip, and she demands I spend virtually every free waking (and sleeping) moment with her.

Here's a little flashback to birthdays past. This is the "gift" I made for Mike in 2012. It took 6 months to create, and Mike was very appreciative of it! I got the idea to make this cartoon in February of 2012 while watching the South Park movie. After singing along to "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" I thought to myself, Mike Holmes deserves a completely gratuitously over the top ridiculous fan song too! Thus, the Mike Holmes Cartoon was born.

Happy Birthday Mike! Here's to many more birthdays, and lots more joy to come!


  1. Hi Mike. Big time fan. In fact , I am watching an episode
    rerun #18 9/7/13 showing. I guarantee interior water damage under metal. Your guy flashed all wrong

  2. I really wonder why people abruptly abandon blogs like this.

    1. Actually, it isn’t abandoned. I monitor it for comments and spam. I don’t actively blog because my personal life suddenly and abruptly became very busy and complicated. I literally have zero time and energy to write and research the way I used to. Inevitably I had to make a decision, and I decided to just maintain what’s already here. So there’s the reason.