Monday, December 3, 2012

Mike Holmes visits Wapos Bay

So just what is Wapos Bay? Not being Canadian, I didn't know either, so I looked it up.

From Wikipedia:

Wapos Bay: The Series is a stop motion animated family television series that follows the adventures of three children, T-Bear, Talon and Raven, as they explore their remote community in northern Saskatchewan. It is aired across Canada by the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.The series was created by Dennis and Melanie Jackson of Saskatoon, and is a humorous look at aboriginal life featuring positive role models for children.The producers have been able to procure the help of people including Jordin Tootoo, Lee Majors and Mike Holmes to supply voices to their own characters (or in Lee Majors' case, a character based on Steve Austin, his character from The Six Million Dollar Man).
In 2011, Mike Holmes made a "guest appearance" as an animated character on the series. Mike supplied his own voice, of course. Something interesting I noticed... Mike's character has blue eyes, but in real life Mike's eyes are green/hazel. Just a pointless FYI. Enjoy the video!!!

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