Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mike's Christmas List

What does Mike Holmes want for Christmas? I'm sure it's a question his family wants the answer to. HGTV Canada asked Mike and several others what was top on their Christmas list.  Here are the answers Mike gave:

HGTV Hosts’ Holiday Wish Lists 2012
Posted by Tina Taus, Web Producer Friday, November 30, 2012 5:15 PM EST
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Want to know what the hosts of HGTV are coveting this year? From an infrared sauna to a new drill bit set, we asked HGTV hosts, including Bryan Baeumler, Mike Holmes, Scott McGillivray, Sarah Richardson, Sandra Rinomato, Paul Lafrance, Jim Caruk, Sarah Daniels and Philip DuMoulin, what items were topping their holiday wish lists.


Mike Holmes also has a vacation and quality time with the family at the top of his list. Read Mike Holmes’ holiday wish list for 2012.

Mike Holmes’ Holiday Wish List 2012
By Mike Holmes

We caught up with Mike Holmes when he wasn’t busy making it right on Holmes Makes it Right, to find out what is top of his holiday wish list for this year:

  1. One month vacation down south
  2. To spend more quality time with my grandkids and my kids
  3. One of the new CAN-AM Side by Side Vehicles
  4. A new garage for my toys!
  5. Just more time for myself and working on my house

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