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"Heart To Heart" With Mike

It's Valentines Day... almost... and Mike is taking advantage of the holiday to share his heart... almost. Most of Mike's fans know exactly where his heart lies, and that's with helping homeowners and communities make things right. In this article, reposted from the Montreal Gazette, Mike talks about never getting tired of making a difference in people's lives. Can you feel the love? I do. Read on...

From the Montreal Gazette:

Holmes knows that home is where the heart is

 CD Out - All February 13, 2013 12:05 PM
Holmes knows that home is where the heart is

Alex Schuldt/The Holmes Group

After 10 years, this contractor’s not tired of ‘trying to make things right’ for people
People are always asking me: “Mike, aren’t you tired of dealing with the same problems over and over again?”
You know what I say? I might be tired of seeing the same problems. But I’m not tired of trying to make things right. That’s what pushes me every day. It’s what pushes all the good guys.
Why do I still care after 10 years on the job? Because I know that the work I do, my crew does and everyone else who pulls through for desperate families — job after job — makes a real difference to the people we help.
Home is where the heart is. That’s not just a saying. Your home is supposed to be the safest place in the world — for you and your family. And when I see homes that are anything but safe it’s hard for me to walk away. It’s a battle every single time.
How do I help everyone? I’m just one guy. So I try to focus on the bigger picture — the things that if I help change will make the biggest impact on the most people.
Look at First Nations housing. This is an area that can have huge implications for how we build sustainably and efficiently — in response to different environments and living conditions.
Researching new “green” products and energy-efficient technologies is another way we’re building a better future in housing. We’re seeing what works, getting rid of what doesn’t and bringing in the right people to do something that will change the industry for the better.
Let’s look at improving code and regulations, and also into changing the rules so a contractor can’t legally walk away from a job and screw a family over.
Good contractors don’t walk away from a job and leave homeowners helpless. We have a work ethic that doesn’t let us do that. We care.
Why? Because we don’t see what we do as a job. We see it as a skill, a duty. There’s honour in that. And every time a contractor doesn’t do what they say they’re going to do, they’re not just disrespecting the homeowner. They’re disrespecting their work and the industry.
What can you do as a homeowner? Care about your home and the people it affects, including the neighbours. Do your research. Ask the right questions.
If you have a leak, get a professional to come in, find the source and fix it. Don’t hire anyone that doesn’t have the right certifications and credentials to do the job you’re hiring them to do. Don’t accept cash jobs. Every time you do you’re putting yourself and your family in a vulnerable position. You need to be smart.
If there’s pooling on your property, it’s a grading issue. Get a landscaper to take a look at it. If you’re losing heaps of heat, find out why and address the problem. Invest in a proper roof; it’s your home’s first line of defence. And make sure the air your family breathes inside your home is safe and clean. That means looking into low-VOC products and materials and better air filters. Get a professional to do a mould test if you think mould might be an issue.
Remember: You get what you give every single time. If anyone told me I would still be doing this after 10 years, I wouldn’t have believed them. I figured after two years I’d be done and go back to being a regular contractor. But things didn’t turn out that way. Why not? Because I can’t step away from a job until it’s done — and this job is far from over. It seems to get bigger every day.
But when your heart’s in the right place it’s easy to do what’s right. And I can’t imagine doing anything else.
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