Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mike Holmes: Behind The Overalls Updates

Tonight is the night of the much anticipated special "Mike Holmes: Behind the Overalls" which will launch on HGTV Canada tonight at 9PM ET.

Looking forward to this day has been admittedly bittersweet for me and other US dwelling Mike Holmes fans because HGTV/US has as of yet not picked up the special. Nevertheless, we'll be cheering Mike on down here in the Lower 48.

HGTV Canada is busy celebrating Mike's anniversary in their tweets and on their Facebook page. From HGTV Canada's Facebook page:

Tonight we celebrate 10 years of Mike Holmes on HGTV Canada with our one-hour special "Behind the Overalls" at 9pm. Would you believe Mike has done over 173 episodes? Check out this fun facts infographic for more #MikeHolmes10 trivia! http://s.hgtv.ca/16IxWUh

Also this morning, Mike Holmes was on the Morning Show in Toronto at 830 AM ET. He was no doubt chatting about the special and his 10 years on television:

Mike stated that he "always has a great time on the Morning Show" but on his Twitter account he lamented having to wake up so early!

Last but certainly not least among the updates is the launch of the Mike Holmes: Behind The Overalls webpage. This image was posted on Mike's Facebook page:

On the new webpage, there's a contest to win a signed pair of overalls, and some pictures that span throughout the decade. This one is my favorite LOL

From the Behind The Overalls webpage:


For the past 10 years we’ve watched Mike take down bad job after bad job, rebuild people’s homes and turn three simple words into a code of honour. Now, it’s time to get to know the man behind the overalls. We finally get the answer to the number one question on everyone’s mind: What’s Mike really like?

This special celebrates Mike’s 10 years on television and how his dedication to “make it right” has changed peoples’ lives—especially his own! For the first time, we take a look back at Mike’s humble beginnings and learn how he went from local contractor to international celebrity.

Mike let's us call all the shots and he’s ready to answer the tough questions. He shares his favourite moments and projects from the last 10 years and we get a glimpse of what really happens when the cameras aren’t rolling.

There's also a link to watch the webisode... but the question for me remains, will it be available online for those outside of Canada? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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