Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mike Holmes and ROXUL Launch Partnership

It was announced yesterday that North America's leading manufacture of stone wool insulation products, ROXUL, is now part of the Holmes Approved family of products and services. Any fan of Mike's shows is familiar with the ROXUL brand and knows that Mike Holmes stands behind the products he promotes.

PS -- I met Mike's good buddy Scott McGillivray earlier this year in front of the ROXUL booth at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Note the "Make It Right" T-Shirt!)

From Mike's website, MAKEITRIGHT.ca:

Mike Holmes & Roxul Launch Partnership

Toronto, ON (June 9, 2014)—The Holmes Group, in association with ROXUL Inc., is pleased to announce that ROXUL has been officially named a HOLMES Approved Product.
“I’ve been using ROXUL for years,” stated Mike Holmes, President of the Holmes Group. “It’s been an important part of building homes right. It helps make homes more energy-efficient, comfortable and healthy. I’m happy to finally have them on board as a HOLMES Approved Product,” added Holmes.
The partnership launches with ROXUL batt and board products that are specifically engineered for use in exterior/interior walls, cathedral ceilings, attics, basement walls, exposed floors and heated crawl spaces. Effective thermal performance, fire resistance, water repellency, mold resistance and sound absorption are a few of the features that make it stand out as quality insulation.
ROXUL is North America’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation products and offers a wide range of insulation solutions to help achieve energy efficient homes. From the summer heat to the frigid winters, ROXUL presents homeowners with far better options and results than any conventional insulation.
The HOLMES Approved Products program was designed to help homeowners choose products that support proper construction principles, such as improved indoor air quality and building more durable structures.
“As a trusted contractor and ongoing supporter of the ROXUL line up of products, the decision to partner with Mike Holmes and his HOLMES Approved Products was a natural progression,” said Mike Benetti, Segment Manager, Building Insulation – Residential, ROXUL. “As an industry leader, homeowners, contractors and builders can rely on ROXUL for insulation solutions that help save energy and create quiet and safer homes.”
Sustainability is fundamental at ROXUL. As a fully owned subsidiary of ROCKWOOL International, ROXUL is guided by the same corporate mission and responsibilities. This is especially true in the area of sustainability. The ROCKWOOL report on sustainability is global in scope and includes the group’s efforts in North America. Additionally, ROXUL produces its own Sustainability Report for North America.
ROXUL has versatile product offerings applicable to most applications on the home. When a home is properly insulated it uses less energy for heating and cooling, and adding insulation is one of the most effective ways to save on energy costs and reduce our carbon footprints.
ROXUL is a member of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) and has received Greenguard’s most stringent certification for indoor air quality.

For more information on ROXUL and ROXUL products, please visit roxul.com.
For more information on Mike Holmes and HOLMES Approved Products, please visit makeitright.ca.


Jennifer Beck

Birchall PR c/o ROXUL
(905) 338-7600 Ext. 104

Amanda Heath
The Holmes Group
647.253.0300 ext. 410

About Roxul Inc.

ROXUL Inc., located in Milton, Ontario, and Grand Forks, British Columbia is a subsidiary of Rockwool® International, the world’s largest producer of stone wool insulation. Rockwool International is a publicly held company, which trades on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Operating 27 factories, the Rockwool Group employs over 9800 people in 30 countries and features a global network of sales companies, trade offices and dedicated commercial partners. ROXUL’s products are fire resistant, water repellent, non-corrosive and are resistant to mold, fungi and bacteria growth.

About The Holmes Group

The Holmes Group is an international brand with operations in independent media production, new-home building and home inspection, as well as expansion into product development. The Holmes Group is entirely owned by Mike Holmes and responsible for developing and managing all HOLMES branded entities, including Make It Right Productions Inc., HOLMES Communities, HOLMES Approved Homes, MIKE HOLMES Inspections, HOLMES Referred Contractors, HOLMES Products, HOLMES Workwear and The Holmes Foundation.

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