Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mike Holmes' Appearance on This Hour Has 22 Minutes - 3/31/2015

Mike Holmes made an appearance on a segment of the CBC political satire show This Hour Has 22 Minutes, in which he and the host bantered back and forth about the very expensive Parliament building renovation project. The segment aired tonight at 8:30 PM Eastern time on the CBC.


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  1. Why can't you use some of your fame and clout to help military families living in military housing aka Q's?

    Most of Canada seems to think that we live rent free and tax free but we don't. We pay fair market value in the eyes of DND for squalid conditions. We are not tenants but occupants so when rats show up the rent keeps coming off our pays and they hand us a few traps and say suck it there is nothing in the budget come back after April 1st and then maybe - that is our only recourse. Most Q's have various types of mold and degrading exposed asbestos, the lack of maintenance means exorbitant heating costs, and the whole purpose of the Q's is so we pay the same rent no matter where we live and some of us move a lot, because we are paid the same everywhere we go but the cost of living varies with few exceptions. This was supposed to make it better for us, one less thing for us to worry about and sacrifice.
    I do not live in the Q's but it seems like every other day some other spouse is making a desperate post in our group over another horror story today it was rats.

    We need a voice. We need someone to stand on guard for us while we stand on guard for you.

    CFNavy Wife