Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ask Damon

This morning around 8AM my time, 11AM Toronto time, an announcement was posted to Mike and Damon's Facebook pages, announcing that Damon would be answering specific questions about last night's episodes of Holmes Makes It Right. Those episodes were "Below Board" for those watching on HGTV Canada, and "Held For Ransom" for those watching on DIY in the US.

From Mike:

We are lucky to have Damon Bennett on Facebook as he will be answering fan questions from Holmes Makes It Right episodes. He is ready for your questions so head to his page and ask away!

From Damon:

Hey fans, did you watch last night's Holmes Makes It Right episodes? As part of this Facebook Page I wanted to be able to answer a few questions you may have about our show. Make sure to keep them specific to the episodes from last night and your question may be answered! So go ahead and ask under this post. I look forward to your questions!

If you want to ask Damon a question, you'd better get it in soon!

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