Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holmes Makes It Right Special: High Water (Pictures)

This last Tuesday on HGTV Canada marked the premiere of the Holmes Makes It Right special "High Water," which featured Mike Holmes helping one High River, Alberta family rebuild after they lost everything in last June's devastating flood. Unfortunately for me, I have yet to see the episode because I don't live in Canada. But never fear, HGTV has an awesome photo gallery up on their website to keep us all in the same loop.

Looking at these photos, it's hard not to be rendered speechless at the sight... I could not imagine being told that I could not return home -- for months! And when I finally do return home, all that remains is mud and mold and absolute disaster. It's no wonder that families all over Alberta were calling on Mike for help.

You can view HGTV Canada's photo gallery on the HGTV Canada website!

Here's some of my favorites from the gallery:

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