Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"The Holmes Manual" Coming Soon To A Bookstore Near You!

Mike Holmes is a very busy guy. In between filming his hit TV show Holmes Makes It Right (brand new episodes premiering this fall) and doing personal appearances at practically every trade show across North America, he's also busy writing books so that consumers can better educate themselves about their homes and how to maintain them. According to the Harper Collins Canada and websites, Mike Holmes will be releasing his 5th book in both hardback and e-book this year. The 384-page hardback book "The Holmes Manual" goes on sale June 5 2014. The e-book version of "The Holmes Manual" can be pre-ordered through the website for electronic delivery to your Kindle or other e-book reader on May 27 2014.

"The Holmes Manual" (ISBN 9781443422376) book description from Harper Collins Canada:

No-nonsense advice from the star of HGTV’s Holmes Makes It Right and Holmes Inspection

  • Why are my windows fogging up?
  • What can I do about a squeaky floor?
  • Why is my bedroom so much colder than the rest of the house?
  • Are tankless water heaters worth the money?

From top to bottom, outside to inside, Mike answers homeowners’ most common questions and provides solutions for everyday problems. Mike also offers trusted advice on maintenance—including instructions for repairs and projects that homeowners can tackle themselves. Packed with colour photographs, handy tips and sidebars, The Holmes Manual is a must-have guide for every homeowner.

Cover artwork:

I'm totally digging the big strong arms, but I'm not sure why they cut off Mike's head in the cover photo. Mike's got a very handsome mug. I guess those world famous biceps are enough to capture people's attention all by themselves. I'm excited to get my hands on this book! Bonus observation -- the background of Mike's new book "The Holmes Manual" matches the color scheme of the Holmes Spot!

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