Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mike Holmes Discusses Lexis Homes and Holmes Approved Homes

In May of this year, Mike Holmes was in Saskatoon, helping to promote the 2014 Kinsmen Riverview Lottery Home. For more information about the Kinsmen Riverview Lottery Home, see Mike Holmes At The 2014 Kinsmen Riverview Lottery Home and Mike Holmes Touring the Kinsmen Lottery Home in Saskatoon - Video.

On October 10, videos from Mike's tour of the home were released. In the videos, Mike speaks about Lexis Homes, the builder, and the Holmes Approved model for building better homes. Check out the videos (embedding was disabled, so please click on the links to view the videos):

Mike interviews a Lexi Homes client

Mike discusses winning a Holmes Approved Home

Mike discusses Lexis Homes

Mike discusses the trades pride

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