Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It Feels Great To Be Back!

Hello everyone! I've been gone for a while, but there's a reason why, and I'd like you all to meet the reason why I've stepped away from this blog for the last couple of months. I'd like you all to meet Madison, my beautiful baby girl.

Mike has been doing some incredibly awesome and exciting things, and I've been doing my best to follow them all, with a newborn on my hip. I finally feel like it's time to come back and start blogging again, especially with Mike's new FOX reality show premiering tomorrow! More to come...


  1. Congratulations!!! Madison is a beautiful baby girl!!!! Being a mother is amazing, I never knew how much I could love someone until I had my girls! I'm glad your back, I've missed you. You always keep me up to date on things with Mike. Thank you!

  2. What a precious little cutie Madison is. She's the very best reason for stepping away. Cherish this time. It goes by all too quickly. Does Madison have a pair of overalls and a tool belt yet? God bless the three of you always.

  3. She is so gorgeous! Time is indeed precious! Honestly, the best reason to step away from anything!

  4. Congrats Mike!! Me and hubby love all your shows!! God Bless you and all your family!

  5. You have truley been blessed as have I with 5 grandchildren whom I pray the lord let's me live to see them grow mike I like I've in the home I grew up in and all my grandchildren love it here unfortantaly it is falling down around me I have been fighting cancer for 5 years and am about to start Cemo again my husband is also not well if I was a child an could have a make a wish it would be that you had time to come to south Carliona an fix my home I don't have any money but somehow god always provides and I am strong mike I have worked in construction all my life I can work if someone would help me with supplies an help with the things I don't know but I take directions well an on your new show dream homes I think I could excellent Evan sick if I had you an a little money this 60 year old home would be here for my grands ,grands so please mike if it be gods will an something you might could do I will cook for you an your crew and I will work as hard and as much and as long as god will let me please just consider it an I will still love your shows and pray for your Familey anyway Evan if it isn't something you can't or just don't want to do for I know you are a very busy man and probley much to busy to fool with one little person like myself but my father god rest his soul always said the only stupid question was the one that was not ask so there for I will ask mike can you please help me out and also I wanted to say your baby is so beautiful as is your wife god has blessed you mike truley an I know in my heart that he will continue to do so . thank you for listening that is if you truley do read your own mail so many cleberties don't I pray you are not lik eee that thank you again your biggest admiring fan Christine Barringer Anglin

  6. Congratulations Mike!
    Love your show, I've been a trades person for years and really appreciate your wisdom as I learn something every time I take in an episode.

    Happy Holidays..