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Come Meet Mike Holmes on September 22

Earlier this year, Mike Holmes announced a partnership with RDC Fine Homes, a quality home builder in British Columbia. Mike even released a short video about why he stands behind the BC builder. This month on September 22, Mike Holmes will be holding a meet and greet after personally inspecting the property in the Crumpit woods, and a few very lucky fans will experience a little VIP treatment. RDC Fine Homes is holding a contest on their Facebook page in which fans who answer a few questions correctly will be entered in a chance to win a Sea-To-Sky Gondola ride with Mike Holmes on September 22. For more information see Mike Holmes for RDC Fine Homes.

From the Squamish Chief:

Holmes is going to be on Squamish homes.
The star of Holmes on Homes – Mike Holmes – is hitting town to tour new homes selected to be a part of his Holmes Approved Homes program. The program highlights proper building practices that use cutting-edge products and technology, Holmes Group spokesperson Amanda Heath told The Squamish Chief.
On Monday, Sept. 22, Holmes will conduct stage inspections on the Whistler-based construction company RDC Fine Homes’s residential houses in Crumpit Woods in Squamish.
“RDC Fine Homes are the first [company] in B.C. to join the program,” Heath said, adding 15 companies across Canada have been selected for the initiative.
Holmes on Homes originally ran in 2001. The Canadian television series features the general contractor visiting homeowners whose houses need some kind of repair after renovations went wrong. The show was picked up worldwide and airs on HGTV. The 30-minute episodes once held the title of the highest-rated show on the Canadian HGTV.
RDC Fine Homes staff are excited to be recognized by Holmes, its president Bob Deeks said.
“Mike has selected us for our focus on quality homes and our commitment to innovative and energy-efficient products,” he stated in a press release.
The Crumpit Woods developments will include the voluntary energy efficiency program Energy Star certification and innovative materials, such as insulated concrete foundations – interlocking modular units that are filled with concrete.
“The Mike Holmes inspection team will inspect and review our projects along the way,” Deeks said.
Holmes will be available to meet with people from 2 to 3 p.m. after the inspections.

@ Squamish Chief

From Black Tusk

Do you want to ride the new Sea-to-Sky Gondola? Are you a fan of Mike Holmes? If your answer to either of these questions was yes then here is a contest for you!
As the first Holmes Approved Homes builder in British Columbia,
RDC Fine Homes has teamed up with Mike Holmes to offer this amazing contest and it is so easy to enter.
Visit the
RDC Fine Homes Facebook page, fill in a short survey and you will be entered into the draw to meet Mike Holmes and ride the Sea-to-Sky Gondola with him on September 22nd.
Good luck!

And if you're interested in entering the contest here it is. PS -- you might want to read the rules first before entering (never fun to win a contest only to find out you can't accept the prize):

Win the chance to meet Mike Holmes and ride the New Sea to Sky Gondola in Beautiful Squamish BC!

Answer the three questions below correctly and you will be entered into a draw to meet Mike Holmes and ride with him up the new Sea to Sky Gondola on September 22nd, 2014.. Answers can be found on the RDC Fine Homes Facebook page or website ( or the Mike Holmes website (
Good luck!

 How many Holmes Approved Builders are there in British Columbia?*

How many tiers are there to choose from in the Holmes Approved Homes program?*

What does RDC use for building the foundations of their new homes (hint - this helps to insulate your basement and reduces waste associated with traditional foundations)?*

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Mike Holmes for RDC Fine Homes

Mike Holmes has another Holmes Approved partner in British Columbia. Custom home builder RDC Fine Homes announced in June of this year that they were part of Mike's Holmes Approved Homes program. Recently, Mike did a video explaining why he trusts RDC Fine Homes enough to hang his reputation on them. According to a recent press release, "RDC Fine Homes started construction on its first Holmes Approved Homes at Crumpit Woods in Squamish." To mark this occasion, Mike will be doing a meet and greet in Sqamish on Monday, 9/22 between 2PM and 3PM.

Read the press release from Mike's website:


Whistler, BC (September 4, 2014)—The Holmes Group is proud to welcome RDC Fine Homes into the Holmes Approved Homes program as its first official Partner Builder in British Columbia.
RDC Fine Homes is known for building some of the Province’s most beautifully designed and sustainable custom homes throughout the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. RDC now joins Mike Holmes’ Holmes Approved Homes program. Canada’s most trusted contactor launched the program in 2011 to give homebuyers the opportunity to purchase a home built to his standards.
“The Holmes Approved Homes program goes beyond minimum code. It takes the best builders, the best materials and the best building practices to build homes that are healthy, strong, durable, energy-efficient—and they look good, too,” stated Mike Holmes, President of The Holmes Group. “If you want the best, you go with the best. That’s why I partnered with RDC Fine Homes. They build right and they have integrity. Just look at their homes, look at their track record. They walk the walk,” added Holmes.
“We are very excited to be chosen as the first Holmes Approved Homes builder in BC. RDC has always been dedicated to building a better home and we are honoured to have this effort recognized by Mike,” stated Bob Deeks, President of RDC Fine Homes. “Mike has selected us for our focus on quality homes and our commitment to innovative and energy-efficient products. We are always working hard to find the best products and deliver the best value to our customers, the homeowners.”
Mike Holmes Inspections will be conducting stage inspections on every RDC home built through the Holmes Approved Homes program to ensure all of the program’s building specifications have been met and followed, including specific building products, materials, installation methods and building practices.
RDC Fine Homes started construction on its first Holmes Approved Homes at Crumpit Woods in Squamish. These homes will be Energy Star certified and built using innovative materials, such as Insulated Concrete Foundations (ICFs) and Structurally Insulated Wall Panels (SIPs). “The Mike Holmes Inspection team will inspect and review our projects along the way,” continues Deeks. “The Holmes stamp of approval will give new homeowners peace of mind that they have bought a long-lasting and healthy home.”
Mike Holmes will be visiting Crumpit Woods in Squamish on Monday, September 22 and signing autographs between 2pm and 3pm.
For more information on this event contact RDC Fine Homes. For more information on the Holmes Approved Homes program, visit


Paul Nicholas

RDC Fine Homes
Toll free 1.855.932.3617

Amanda Heath
The Holmes Group


RDC Partners with Mike Holmes !

June 25-2014

News Categories - RDC Fine Homes News

We have some very exciting news to announce! RDC is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Mike Holmes (of Holmes on Homes fame), and the Holmes Approved Homes group to become the first Holmes Approved Builder in British Columbia, and amongst only a handful of select Builders across all of Canada!
For those of you not familiar with the Holmes Approved Homes program, Canada’s most trusted contactor launched the program in 2011 to give homebuyers across Canada the opportunity to purchase a home built to his standards. The Holmes Approved Homes program integrates proper building practices with cutting-edge products and technology in order to develop customized building specifications that go above and beyond residential standards, from construction to final inspection.
“The Holmes Approved Homes program goes beyond minimum code. It takes the best builders, the best materials and the best building practices to build homes that are healthy, strong, durable, energy-efficient—and they look good, too,” stated Mike Holmes, President of The Holmes Group. “If you want the best, you go with the best. That’s why I partnered with RDC Fine Homes. They build right and they have integrity. Just look at their homes, look at their track record. They walk the walk,” added Holmes.
The Holmes approved homes program will conduct stage inspections on any RDC home built through the Holmes Approved Home program, ensuring the quality and craftsmanship that Mike Holmes has built his career on, is evident in the building practices followed by RDC.
We are very excited about this new partnership, and have recognized from day one that this was a great fit for us here at RDC. We have always taken pride in our craftsmanship, and our quality, and endeavoured to stay on the cutting edge of new energy efficient, sustainable building technology. These are qualities that we share with the Holmes Approved Homes program. By partnering with the program, we will continue to push the bar in new home construction, ensuring our new homeowners have the proof of mind that the home we are building for them meets the rigorous standards of top professionals in the industry.
RDC’s first Holmes approved Homes are being built in Squamish BC in the new Crumpit Woods development and are now for sale. We’d love to share the designs with anyone who might be interested.
Please feel free to contact us, or visit for more information on how RDC can get you into a new Holmes Approved home.
In the words of Mike Holmes, RDC looks forward to continuing to “Build it Right”!
Paul Nicholas
Operations Manager

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mike's Ultimate Garage: Inside Look

On September 1, a two hour special aired on HGTV in Canada, "Mike's Ultimate Garage," which documented the consturction of Mike Holmes' massive 1800 square foot man cave. Because only fans in Canada were able to see the show due to licencing issues, Mike has been releasing clips on YouTube, giving viewers an inside look at the technology that was put into the garage, including a metal roof, 10 kW solar system with battery backup and backup generator, and interlocking stone paver system. Mike stated on his Facebook page that he was currently in talks with the networks to have the show aired in the US. However, I doubt he will be successful. I really hope I'm wrong, but I don't think US viewers will ever get to see the special, at least not legally. I emailed HGTV US and stated that I would like to see Mike's special. I got a reply back stating that it was impossible for HGTV to air the show because the show aired on Canada and they would have to obtain licencing in order to air the special. To which I replied back, so what? 90 percent of the crap on HGTV US originates from Canada and you have no problem obtaining licencing to air that, so get the licence and air it already! I'm paraphrasing of course. Please feel free to write HGTV US and make your voice known. I posted a sample letter and the direct link to their feedback page here.

Here are some of the videos Mike has posted demonstrating the magnitude of his mantastic space. That's not a spelling error... Mike's garage/mancave most certainly qualifies for mantastic status. See for yourself:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mike Holmes Back on HGTV in the USA (Again)

Holmes Makes it Right is back on HGTV USA! I say "back" because HGTV USA aired one -- count 'em one -- episode of Holmes Makes it Right back in January, and then ceased all airing. So hopefully this time it's back to stay. And hopefully, HGTV gets with it and puts Mike's show in a time slot where people can actually watch it. 

From Mike's Facebook page: 

I have some news from HGTV USA. They are rolling out Season 1 of Holmes Makes It Right episodes on Fridays at 6:30 am EDT. It's not an ideal time BUT you can always record it to watch it later.

To change the airing times please contact HGTV USA.

As Mike says, it's really important for fans of the show to email HGTV USA and let them know that we want to see Mike's show. If Mike had it his way, he'd have the newest seasons airing in the US at the same time they air in Canada, but it's not his decision. Go to their website and click "contact us" at the bottom of the page and tell HGTV what you think.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Glen Coyle and Mike Holmes Part Ways

One of Mike's crew members, Glen Coyle, who became part of the Holmes Makes It Right team in 2013 announced today that would be leaving the show to "pay it forward" in his own way. Glen, who in his short time with Mike had become one of my favorite crew members, left this gracious message on his official public figure Facebook page, thanking both Mike and the crew for the time he spent with them. He calls his experience a "highlight" in his life. I sincerely hope that we will see more of Glen in the future. (Maybe, just maybe, he'll be joing forces with Damon Bennett to do something with military men and women and construction... but that's just my own speculation.)

Posted today at 2:45PM EST to Facebook
It is with sadness that I say today is my last day working with Mike Holmes Group. It has been an amazing journey which has been a highlight in my life. Thank you to my crew who took me in as an army soldier and turned me into a construction soldier. I love all of you and I will always remember the fun we had and will continue to have. I am moving on to pay it forward. I will be focusing on finding ex military employment and raising awareness on issues that soldiers deal with when returning home from tour. Special thank you to Damon Bennett, Adam Belanger and Carl Pavolic for taking the time to teach me this great trade. Thank you Mike Holmes for allowing me to be apart of your amazing crew. I will miss you all sooo much.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mike's Ultimate Garage - Wrap Up

Yesterday, a two hour special premiered on HGTV Canada, "Mike's Ultimate Garage" in which Mike Holmes Sr. allows his son Mike Holmes Jr. to wear the white hat and supervise in the construction of his garage. Being that I live in the US, I was unable to see the special and had to rely on pictures and video clips from the internet. As of now, there are no plans to air the special in the US. This is not Mike's choosing, it is at the discretion of the networks who apparently don't care about making money and don't realize how much of Mike's fanbase lies in the US. If you're south of Canada, the Holmes Spot encourages you to visit the HGTV US comment page and the  DIY Network US comment page and let them know you want to see Mike's special. If enough people do this, maybe they'll get the hint.

Here is a sample letter. Please feel free to copy and paste, and don't forget to insert your name:

I am very disappointed that you did not pick up Mike Holmes' special that aired on HGTV Canada on September 1, "Mike's Ultimate Garage." I would like to request that you please air this special in the near future.


That said, on to the Mike's Ultimate Garage wrap up. I will do my best, having not actually watched the special. Mike recounted much of his feelings towards the build in this article from the Regina Leader-Post. In the article, he explains how the build was something he had been wanting to do for a long time but kept putting off. He also explains some of the technology that went into the garage, like a 10kW solar system. (Side note -- a 10 kW solar system is fairly average in size. I've seen systems on large homes go up to 30 kW or more! But given that Mike's property is heavily wooded (and hence shaded) and given the projected energy usage of a garage, I'd say a 10 kW solar system is about right.) Aside from a completely-off grid solar and battery back up system, lots of other really neat features went into the garage, making it the ultimate man-friendly zone. Read all about Mike's garage here:

From the Regina Leader-post:

Planning and technology yield the ultimate eco shelter

 By Mike Holmes, Regina Leader Post September 2, 2014
For years I’ve had this vision of building a state-of-the-art garage. But I’ve been so busy between working on my TV show and books and just taking care of business, I put it off every year.
You know the saying “the cobbler’s children have no shoes?” That’s me — I’m the contractor who has no time to work on his home. But about two years ago I decided the time was now — it had to happen.
So what do you do if you don’t have time to do something yourself? You hire someone else to do it. That’s what I did. I asked my son Mike Jr. to take over the build.
It took three months to plan just the structure, never mind the interior. One thing I knew for sure was it had to be off the grid. I talk a lot about sustain-ability and going green, and I wanted to build something that makes sense for the future. That meant maximum energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact.
First, we built the frame using Durisol block. Durisol is an insulated concrete form (ICF) made out of cement-bonded wood fibre material. That made the structure fire rated, sound rated and insulated — with an insulation rating of R31 without having to build a wood structure on the in-side. Remember, we want to use minimal energy to its maximum potential. To do that, insulation is key.
Durisol block also provides better water resistance, no air infiltration, high wind load, termite resistance — and it never rots or decays. It’s also glued together, saving build time.
Plus, it helps regulate humidity levels: in humid conditions, the block absorbs moisture — which prevents mould — and then releases it as conditions dry. Now that’s smart.
Next, on the roof, we installed 40 solar panels that have a peak power production of about 10 kilowatts. That energy goes to inverters that turn DC power into AC power, which is what our electronics and appliances use.
The inverters and a backup generator feed two Sunny Island controllers in-side the garage that charge a massive battery bank. At night or on cloudy days when there isn’t enough solar energy to power the garage, the batteries kick in. And if there isn’t enough energy in the batteries the controllers will turn on the generator.
We also added solar-powered skylights that have an acoustical rain sensor, so when rain hits the pad the skylight automatically closes.
Because the solar panels were at the top of the roof, I couldn’t have the sky-lights up there too. I opted to install them lower, and I liked that because I can see through them but no one can see in.
Then we installed a metal roof which doesn’t retain heat like asphalt does, so it’s better at regulating and maintaining indoor temperatures, helping to reduce energy use.
The particular product we used is a stone-coated steel that looks like asphalt. It’s a 26-gauge galvalume corrugated panel that is Class A fire rated, corrosion resistant and very durable.
We also added a section of green roof and installed a cistern to collect rainwater that comes off the main roof. I’ll use the rainwater to water my lawn and wash my cars and driveway.
My garage was about putting theories that worked and available technology all under one roof to build a structure that looks good and operates even better, using minimal energy.
I wanted to show it’s possible to build an amazing structure beyond anything you can imagine — the ultimate man cave — and it can be environmentally friendly.
It’s about building smart and pushing the limits of what you think you can do...just ask my son. But that’s another story.
Watch Mike’s Ultimate Garage special, premiering Sept. 1 on HGTV. For more information visit

From the photos, Mike's 1800 square foot garage turned out gorgeous! Take a look at the photos posted over the last day. You can view more photos at

Some of the landscaping around the garage:

Here are some of my personal favorite photos from Mike's website:

And last but not least, Mike used the experience to teach his son how to drive stick shift. Mike reports happily that his neck and head are still intact!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Holmes Jr. A Wood Chip Off The Old Block

Parents can be a real drag sometimes, with all of their constant hovering and critiquing! I can only imagine what it must have been like for Mike Holmes, Jr. this past year as he slaved over what can only be described as the biggest project of his life. On September 1, Mike's Ultimate Garage premieres on HGTV Canada and will chronicle this momentous build. In the article below, Mike Holmes, Jr. describes a little of what it was like to be Mike Holmes, Sr.'s contractor. Let's just say the word "stressful" doesn't even begin to describe the experience!

From the Winnipeg Free

Holmes Jr. a wood chip off the old block

Think back for a moment to all those times your dad would hover over you as you attended to some chore or other, and how he'd offer critical assessments at every step and drone on about how anything worth doing is worth doing right.
Then imagine what that experience might be like if your dad happened to be Canada's favourite contractor, ol' Mr. Make It Right himself, Mike Holmes.
Or better yet, why not just ask Mike Holmes Jr., who had the unenviable task of leading the construction crew when his father's dream garage was being built.
With Mike Sr. constantly looking on, and a camera crew documenting his every move, the younger Holmes oversaw the erection of one of the most ambitious, most complex and most manly man-cave-ish garage projects you'll ever see. And of course, the entire arduous, year-long experience was turned into an HGTV special, Mike's Ultimate Garage, which premières Monday at 7 p.m.
"It was life changing," the younger Holmes says during a recent telephone interview, in which he and his famous father compare notes on the garage project, which began -- with foundation bricks already in place -- early in 2013 and was completed while last winter's snow was still on the ground.
"It was extremely stressful, and one of the many things I learned from it is how to handle my stress better. You need to enjoy life. And don't get me wrong, it was a fun project and I did enjoy it, but I needed to learn how to manage my stress better during the job."
Mike Jr., 25, had just completed his first semester of carpentry training at a Toronto-area college when Mike Sr. stopped by his job site and offered him the chance to lead the garage project crew. For a relatively inexperienced tradesman whose previous work was limited mostly to renovations, it was no small undertaking -- the mega-garage in question is an 1,800-square-foot behemoth that is fully self-powered (thanks to 40 roof-mounted solar panels), features state-of-the-art water-recovery technology and boasts a full workshop (complete with two car lifts), a recreation room and workout area, and a lavishly appointed second-floor bar area.
"I had always wanted a garage," the elder Holmes says. "I have a big workshop, which I love, but the cars didn't mix in well with all the tools, because I was terrified of scratching them and they were always getting dirty. So I had stopped even playing with (the cars) in the shop, and realized that we had to build this garage.
"And then it hit me that if I could teach my son how to do this incredible garage project, and how to run the crew, then maybe we should be filming this. So I threw the idea at the network, and Shaw (which owns HGTV) said they liked it."
As stressful as it was for Mike Jr. to run the project and deal with a very steep learning curve, it might have been even more nerve-racking for his Type-A father and mentor to maintain a hands-off approach so that his son could fully benefit from the experience.
"It was hardest when he was really stressed, when it looked like he wasn't going to make it," the garage's proud owner explains. "So what I'd do is just say, 'Hey, come here,' and we'd go talk in the back yard, or I'd take him for dinner. I would tell him, 'You're doing good,' and just try to help him stay on top of it.
"And at the end of this, I know now that he can do anything... this was like throwing him in the ocean, and he had to swim home."
Given the many months and hundreds of hours of footage that were involved in filming this special, it would have been easy to propose Ultimate Garage as a six- or 12-episode series. But the contractor who has built a TV empire on the strength of Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection and Holmes Makes it Right (which had its season première last week) insists that a two-hour special is the right format for this HGTV effort.
"I knew that this would be good on television, but it also came to the point of, 'Do we want to be like the Kardashians ... or do we just want to make an action-packed, wonderful show?' And the latter idea took hold. We don't want people to get bored with something like this -- and I don't think they would have -- but this way, they're going to sit down on Monday night and be riveted by it. You're going to spend two hours watching, and then you'll kind of wish there was more."
brad.oswald@freepress.mb.caTwitter: @BradOswald

Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition August 30, 2014 G3

Friday, August 29, 2014

Mike Holmes for Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT

Who doesn't love warm toasty feet in the dead of winter? I know I do! One of the best ways to take the chill out off of a cold floor is radiant in floor heating, in which heating coils are installed underneath a floor's surface. When the system is on, the coils heat the floor, which in turn heats your feet, and as Mike Holmes always says, when your feet are warm so is the rest of you. Radiant in floor heating technology has come a long way in recent years, and with Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT homeowners can combine two of Mike's favorite things -- Ditra (that orange underlayment you see Mike installing in practically every bathroom) and toasty warm toes. This is definitely a cool and innovative product!

In the video below, Mike Holmes demonstrates the installation of Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT, which allows the heat cables to be snapped effortlessly into place. After the cables are set, the floor is tile ready--no leveling compounds are required! The Ditra prevents damage to the tile by uncoupling the tile from the substrate. By doing this, the tile and substrate are allowed to move independently of each other, which prevents tile and grout cracking.

View Mike and his daughter Sherry installing Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mike Holmes and Mike Jr. Q&A Interview

Right off the heels of a busy morning promoting their new show, Mike's Ultimate Garage (see Mike's Ultimate Garage -- Media Blitz), Mike and MJ sat down with the Ottawa Citizen for a chat. What did they chat about? Try minimum code, the family business, and *gulp* retirement (or a lack there of)! Take a look:

From the Ottawa Citizen:

Mike Holmes lets his son build him an ultimate garage

Published on: August 27, 2014 Last Updated: August 27, 2014 11:12 AM EDT

Celebrity contractor Mike Holmes shows his son, Mike, Jr., the blueprints for his dream garage. Holmes has given the reins to his son, who will build the garage on the new HGTV show Mike’s Ultimate Garage, which airs Monday.HGTV Canada / Ottawa Citizen

Mike Holmes is not a man accustomed to taking the back seat. But he does just that when his son, Mike Holmes, Jr., assumes control of a project dear to his dad’s heart in Mike’s Ultimate Garage, a two-hour special airing Monday on HGTV Canada.

MJ, as the 25-year-old with the-boy-next-door good looks is known, has appeared on his father’s popular television shows, including Holmes Makes It Right. This time he takes over as project lead at the block-frame stage of an 1,800-square-foot, razzle-dazzle garage his father has always dreamed of owning and steers the build to completion. Dad is on site to advise during part of that process, but MJ, with both a deadline and his father’s reputation for perfectionism looming, bans Holmes as he applies the finishing touches for the big “reveal.”

MJ, a second-year carpentry student at George Brown College in Toronto, has led renovation projects in the past, but this is his first new build. And it’s a jaw-dropper: located at his father’s home, the garage boasts everything from two car lifts and a second-storey gym to a green roof and 40 solar panels to make it totally off-grid.

We caught up with father and son recently to talk about the project and their work together.

MJ, what’s the trick to working successfully with your father?

A: Not everyone can do it; it depends on your relationship, and we have a really good one. There’s times it gets frustrating and we butt heads, but at the end of the day we look at each other, resolve our problems and go on from there.

Mike, how difficult was it to surrender control to MJ?

A: It was very hard. I’m the guy that’s on a site from beginning to end. It’s the first time I’ve walked away and had someone else finish it. I was out every morning in my robe with a coffee walking around the garage, peeking, but I never did go in.

MJ, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned from your dad?

A: To treat people how you want to be treated, and that you get what you give. (At one point in the show, MJ says, “As much as he comes across as a big, scary guy, he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.” Mike, meanwhile, says to both his son and a crew member, “Love ya, man,” which is kind of the brawny, guy version of the more direct, “I love you.”)

MJ, what’s he taught you about leadership?

A: We’ve worked with guys that scream and yell, and it’s a toxic workplace. Having a leader with a good attitude creates a good work site and an efficient work site.

Mike, your three children — MJ, Sherry and Amanda — are all involved in your company. What are you proudest of about them?

A: That all my kids know how to be good people, and their ability to handle life. They’re also in the trades and damn good at it.

Mike, your Ultimate Garage is extremely well-built. What sort of things do you see done badly in other garages?

A: If we keep building with minimum code, you’re going to have crap garages. If we build better and smarter, it will last forever — it’s that simple.

MJ, do you plan to continue the family tradition and become a multi-media personality like your father?

A: Someone’s got to take over the company one day, and I figure who better than his son? We share the same blood, the same passion. Who better to carry on the legacy?

Mike, any plans to retire?

A: I will one day. I guess I just have to let it all go. Will I ever be out of it completely? That’s a really good question. (Adds his son, “I don’t think so. I don’t think he can stop.”)

Mike’s Ultimate Garage, a one-night only show, airs at 8 p.m. Monday on HGTV Canada. The new season of Holmes Makes It Right began earlier this week on HGTV.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mike's Ultimate Garage -- Media Blitz

What would it feel like to be Mike Holmes' contractor? My guess would be quite nerve-wracking, after all, Mike is the ultimate perfectionist when it comes to building. On September 1, Mike's son, Mike Jr. "MJ," tackles the ultimate project, that is, building the ultimate dream man space for his dad on the special Mike's Ultimate Garage. The 2-hour special is set to air on HGTV Canada -- no word yet if the show will air in the States or elsewhere. Today, Mike and MJ went on a short media blitz to promote the father-son special. Watch the trailer for Mike's Ultimate Garage:

First stop was with Kiss 92.5, a radio station in Toronto, to do a live spot on the Roz and Mocha Show. You can listen to the live show here. One of the hosts on the show states that his favorite moment from the special was when MJ cut his finger and Mike Sr. jumped to the rescue, lovingly bandaging his son's finger with a band-aid.
Pictures from Facebook and Twitter:

Next stop was yet another radio show, Newstalk 1010's Moore in the Morning. Mike's Segment begins at the 16:45 mark. Mike Sr. admits to being a really tough client who put a lot of pressure on Mike Jr. to turn his dream into a reality. He describes the garage as being totally off the grid, with solar and a battery backup, complete with a bar and plenty of space for all his toys.
Pictures from Facebook and Twitter:

 The media junket continued with a spot on the morning show Roger Darren & Marilyn on 104.5 CHUM FM. Mike's segment begins around the 18:15 mark. On this show, Mike admits that it was not easy to relinquish control to his son to build his 1,850 square foot garage. Mike Jr. states that the job was overwhelming and exhausting. Mike also talks about his sudden fascination with collecting cars. He states his favorite car is his Autobiography Range Rover (which retails around $150,000!).


Next stop on the media tour was an interview on the Morning Show in Toronto. Mike again states that handing the project over to his son was extremely hard. Mike Jr. stated that although his dad is tough and firm, he's also a loving teddy bear. Watch Mike and MJ's segment here:

Pictures from Facebook and Twitter:


Next, Mike and MJ took some time to teleconference Calgary radio station 101.5 Kool FM. Currently, that interview has yet to be posted, but Mike did post some photos from the studio. Also posted were photos of Mike and MJ answering some questions for ET Canada.

Rest up guys! Don't work too hard!