Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Sex Appeal Of Mike Holmes - A Holmes Spot Exclusive

Just a friendly little warning to any male, dude, or guy that might have stumbled across this blog post... for the most part, The Holmes Spot blog is pretty gender neutral. We try really hard not to post articles that are too slanted in the direction of drooling slobbering fangirl, but today, we've failed miserably. This article, written exclusively for The Holmes Spot blog, is for the ladies. Sorry men, unless you want to read incessant lady ramblings about how sexy Mike Holmes is, I suggest you move along now, ya hear? Don't say I didn't warn you...



The ladies know it. We might not always say it in front of our guys, but we think it every time we watch his show. Mike Holmes is...! He's damn sexy. He's got big muscles, and big arms with big tattoos, and who the hell knows what else! It's not a secret to anyone, ladies dig Mike, and we'd all love our men to be a little more like him. In this article, a Holmes Spot EXCLUSIVE (the first of hopefully many exclusives!) we'll explore just what it is about Mike Holmes that is so appealing. After all, he is a pretty unlikely sex symbol, and yet, somehow he manages to get us all hot and bothered... On second thought, maybe the guys should read this article, and take some notes!




A Holmes Spot Exclusive


There’s just something about him. It’s a little hard to pinpoint exactly what that “something” is, but if you’ve ever seen Mike Holmes hard at work, it’s absolutely unmistakable.

Admittedly, Mike Holmes is not your average, run of the mill sex symbol. At first sight, it’s tempting to overlook this 40-something, ruddy complected, stocky built Canadian contractor. In fact, on the surface, he’s quite ordinary. With thinning blond hair and two squinty little blue eyes, he hardly rises to the rank of hunky heartthrob, right? Whoa there, not so fast. Just below the leathery and often sun burnt exterior of Mike Holmes lies a highly motivated man on a mission to build a safer, greener world, one house at a time. Bubbling over with charisma and machismo, his unrelenting passion for doing things right and bettering his community keeps the ladies adorning his cheeks with kisses. Let’s not forget his bulging steely biceps, forged by hours of back breaking manual labor. Without a doubt, Mike Holmes is a very sexy man. There, I said it, and I’m not taking it back.

From his simple yet memorable catchphrases, to his utilitarian sense of style, Mike has a certain je ne sais quoi that’s hard to resist and damn near impossible to ignore.

For me, meeting the mighty Mike Holmes was an unforgettable experience. I was immediately struck by the sweetness and the kindness seemed to encapsulate this man with the tough guy stance and large intimidating folded arms. It was an alluring juxtaposition, like a grizzly bear hugging a kitten. He glided effortlessly from person to person with the ease of a politician, shaking hands and gladly yet humbly accepting adoration from his adoring fans.

Yes, Mike Holmes seems quite comfortable in his own overalls-clad skin, which has become his trademark uniform on and off the job. His popularity stretches far beyond the borders of Canada, spanning several continents thanks to his several hit television shows, including Holmes on Homes, which made him a household name in many countries around the world. His status as handyman superstar makes him just famous enough to make a real difference in the lives of others, but just specialized enough to walk down a crowded sidewalk in many places, a god amongst men, with anonymity relatively intact. Remaining approachable is just another part of Mike’s appeal. He manages to maintain a charming accessibility that both men and women respond to. It’s a trait that puts his male fans at perfect ease, even as their girlfriends and wives fall under the hypnotic spell of this fix-it-up dynamo. The ladies enjoy flirting with Mike, and Mike more than happy to return the sentiment in kind. He relishes the affection they dote upon him, while simultaneously remaining a perfect gentleman – a tightrope Mike has seemingly become quite adept at walking.

It seems as though Mike Holmes has never met a non-blood relative he couldn’t bat his eyes at. That might be a slight exaggeration, but the truth is, even a cursory viewing of any one of Mike’s TV shows reveals his naturally flirtatious personality. Watch a few more episodes, and it becomes patently obvious that there’s not a woman in the world who is too fat, thin, ugly, elderly, or disabled, for Mike not to turn on the charm. Before the end credits roll, the ladies have their arms wrapped around him, pulling him in close and pelting his cheeks and lips and anywhere else Mike may have an inch of exposed skin with grateful kisses. In some cases, Mike gives the ladies a grand tour of their newly improved homes arm in arm and hand in hand. “Oh Mike Holmes!” they cry, “How can I ever repay you?” With a look of smug satisfaction plastered firmly across his tanned face, he replies, flashing a toothy smile, “I think you just did.”

For any woman who’s ever fantasized about having an amorous encounter with the plumber, or even just a competent man around the house who can fix stuff that breaks, Mike Holmes is completely irresistible. Women love men who know how to use their tools, and Mike fits that bill to a T. Even the popular TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres offered Mike a mock marriage proposal on live TV after having him as a guest on her daytime talk show back in 2006.


There really is something special about Mike Holmes, something indescribably sexy and thoroughly delicious. His coarse yet oddly handsome appearance is only augmented by a pair of thoroughly calloused hands, and a large heart to match. It’s not an overstatement to say, Mike’s back has borne the heavy burdens of many; he has quite literally lightening the load for those incapable of lifting it themselves. If trust could be used as currency, Mike Holmes would be amongst the richest men in Canada, perhaps even the world.

It’s no surprise; powerful, competent men are often viewed by women as attractive, regardless of what they look like on the outside. Physical attraction and sexiness is often a sticky subject, one in which personal preferences for certain features over others abound. Although a lot of people wouldn’t peg him as eye candy in the strictest sense of the word, Mike Holmes is a tantalizing diamond in the rough. Putting his accolades and achievements as a TV star and handyman extraordinaire aside, Mike is a very striking man. Standing at just over six feet tall, with a thick muscular build, his rough-around-the-edges good looks and no-nonsense posture beg for more than just a passing glance. His face is reminiscent of a 19th century ale-swilling Anglo, straight out of a Dickens novel, with a chiseled jaw, and full round cheeks, and a pair of working man’s arms, adorned with some rather distinctive tattoos. His beautiful baby blue eyes sparkle in the sunlight when and if they occasionally decide to make an appearance out from under his hooded eyelids. Lastly, his honey blond hair, whether spiky or buzzed short, stands out in subtle contrast against a backdrop of tawny skin, bronzed under the hot sun.


As positively yummy as a blow-by-blow description makes him sound, trying to dissect Mike Holmes apart from the personality that makes him so magnetic is totally missing the point. Mike is the full and complete package. He’s big and strong, and at the same time, he’s gentle and cares about people. He likes kids, rides horses, and barbecues regularly. He’s masculinity personified. And he’s gorgeous to boot. What he lacks in the hair department, he definitely makes up for by being able to fix damn near anything. Plus, he’s got a perfect little butt and nice smile. What more could a girl want?
Like a fine glass of wine, Mike Holmes is enchanting and perplexing, and leaves you feeling a little giggly and stupid if you have too much, but you drink more anyhow because it’s oh-so-good.


  1. This is an amazing post, it made me in love with him all over again, but I wish that you WEREN'T so gender skewed. You can be gender neutral because the guys on my team LOVE the big gruff daddies. Mike Holmes is a huge sex symbol for people attracted to daddies, and there are a lot of gay guys into that. So in the future, I'd prefer you using terms such as "ladies and inclined gentlemen love...". Something like that.

  2. DROOLS... yes, he is sexy as hell. Glad someone else agrees with me. Kelsey - New Jersey

  3. A confused male - My parents call me MarkOctober 23, 2012 at 10:01 AM

    As a man I just can't get why you women love this guy like that. I guess I kind of see what you're saying...I mean if women liked guys because they can do repairs, then why aren't women trolling construction sites looking for men? I'm in construction myself. But my girlfriend says the same thing, she loves him, I think she wants to have his baby. I just roll my eyes and say whatever and tell her he's just some guy on TV babe.

  4. HOT! HOT!! HOT!!!!!

  5. This is brilliant.

  6. Beyond the outward appearance, I think the appeal is the integrity and honesty.

  7. Mike is incredibly stunningly handsome, to me. I have studied him for years, and as much as I admire his integrity and how he's chosen with outstanding ability to educate others, I'd
    Ride that White Horse any day. It'd be a dream come true :)

  8. He's got all the S's that make us drool: Smart, strong, sexy and sweet all at the same time. What is not to love?

  9. OMG....I thought I was the only One....haha the things I would do To that Man...

  10. yes to anything Mike Holmes wants. He is my fantasy man.

  11. Holy f*c* balls! This man is hot hot hot! I would bend over for him in a heartbeat! Omg (I'm actually biting my lip as I type this). Mike Holmes mmmmmmmm.