Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mike Holmes Takes New York

Busy, busy day for Mike, as he was making the TV show rounds today in New York. This morning he was on Fox & Friends, discussing home inspection basics, and his new book The Holmes Inspection.

From Facebook, posted approximately 8AM EST:
Just about to go on air at Fox & Friends. Talking mould & using an IR camera.
Weren't up that early? That's OK. Here's the clip if you missed it:

And as I type this very sentence, Mike is currently on the set of the ABC show, The Revolution, with host Ty Pennington. Mike has been posting updates, the last about ten minutes ago.

From Facebook, posted several minutes ago:

Backstage at The Revolution. Just hung up coat and the wall hook came down!! Do I have to bring my tools?

On set with Ty Pennington at The Revolution. Here we go! I'll keep you posted when the episode airs.
On set at The Revolution in NYC.

I guess the last thing that's safe and accurate for me to "report" is that Mike Holmes is definitely going to sleep well tonight. Take it easy, Mike :)

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