Monday, June 25, 2012

Mike Holmes Reveals His "Secrets"

...Sounds more scandalous than it really is, trust me! Since I have a slight vacation hangover, I thought I'd do one more "easy" blog entry before I get into the real meat and potatoes (I'm compiling a really good bio for Mike Holmes, and all this researching is taking more time than I ever thought. Hopefully it will be done and posted in the next day or so.)

It's not much of a secret... Mike Holmes knows a lot about what it takes to get a picture perfect reno... and what it takes to botch one too. In this article by PARADE, Mike answers all the typical questions that people usually ask him. He talks about his book, his tools, his celebrity status, and more. Not too terrible of a interview... Now, if Mike wants to sit down with me, I could give him an interview that would singe the eyebrows right off his face, but until then, here's a nice little puff piece to tide us all over.


Mike Holmes Reveals His Homeowner Secrets

Erin Hill | June 04, 2012
Mike Holmes Reveals His Homeowner Secrets
Mike Holmes, star of the popular HGTV television programs Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection, has released his essential guide for anyone who owns a home, or has ever considered homeownership: Holmes Inspection: The Essential Guide for Every Homeowner, Buyer and Seller.

Holmes, 48, talked to PARADE about his biggest renovation pet peeves, the one tool every homeowner should have, and more.

What’s your new book about?

“It’s all about learning how to buy and sell your next home. So many people put the horse before the trailer. When you look for a house, it’s usually out of excitement and impulse and the first thing you say is, ‘That looks beautiful,’ but you need to ask, ‘Is it built right or are there problems with the home?’ I’m holding your hand on buying and selling your home.”

What’s the most important thing people should ask their contractors?
“How long they’ve been in the business, and what they did do before they became a home inspector. You want someone who has been a part of the industry and doing renovations for many years. As long as they’ve been in the industry, they understand how a house is built. If the home inspector had a job at McDonald’s and then became a home inspector, I’d be a little leery of hiring somebody like that.”

What’s the No. 1 tool every homeowner should have?
“A cordless drill. It’s one of the best things you can have: a drill with multi-bits so you can do whatever you need.”

Did you always know you wanted to be a contractor?

“I grew up watching my dad, and he was a jack of all trades. I was fascinated in his ability to do electrical, plumbing, dry wall, structure, and I was tugging on his pants asking him questions and he started teaching me. I started doing electrical at six, I finished my first basement at 12, and I made a complete basement. I didn’t know it was going to be my passion, but it was something I absolutely loved.”

What do you think about the fame that comes from being a TV star?
“I never really cared about the fame, and it still means nothing to me. I’m a contractor and I believed I could get enough education out there and teach homeowners what they need to know when they do a renovation or sell or buy a house.”

What is your favorite part of the house to renovate?
“I love doing additions, guest bathrooms, and kitchens. But my favorite is the basement. It allows me to really play. That’s what I love about my job is I never really do the same thing twice.”

What is your biggest renovation pet peeve?

“People being in a hurry. We live in a fast paced world and we want everything right away, but the one thing people need to know is that it takes time and energy to do it all right.”

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