Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mike Holmes on ABC's "The Revolution" - Scheduled For July 4, 2012

Earlier this month on June 5, Mike was busy make the TV show rounds in New York, appearing on Fox and Friends, and then later on the ABC daytime show The Revolution. On his Facebook page, he assured his readers that he would let us all know when the episode was set to air. Well...guess Mike forgot, but WE didn't! (We'll cut Mike some slack, being that he is a busy guy.)


The Revolution
Season 1 Episode 104

Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom; author Mike Holmes talks about mold in the home; Revolution journey and reveal.

Wed July 4
Author Mike Holmes? I mean, yes, I guess he is technically an author. He has actually written books, best selling ones at that, but I wouldn't outright classify Mike as an author and leave it at that, as if Mike sits around on his butt all day writing books. That would be like calling Emeril Lagasse a singer because he was in the glee club in high school. Come on, ABC! Seriously.

Well folks, there you have it. Wednesday, July 4, 2012 on ABC's daytime TV talk show The Revolution, author Mike Holmes will be making a guest appearance. I can hear thousands of housewives' jaws dropping to the floor as we speak. Set your DVR's!

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