About The Holmes Spot

The Holmes Spot is an UNOFFICIAL FAN-CREATED blog which strives to keep fans updated and informed on all things Mike Holmes. The Holmes Spot is not affiliated with or endorsed by Mike Holmes or the Holmes Group. All opinions expressed are MY OWN, unless otherwise stated.


When I first started The Holmes Spot in May 2012, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of information out there about Mike Holmes, and what was out there was spread out all over the internet. The official and wiki websites offered some good information, but it was limited and dry and as a fan I wanted more than a paragraph or two with some oft-cited regurgitated facts. I realized that the meat of Mike’s story was buried, but easily uncovered with a little persistence, in sources such as interviews, videos, articles, books, websites, TV shows, and even some valuable firsthand accounts. It became my mission to take all the little random tidbits and compile them into one spot for easy accessibility. Thus, The Holmes Spot was born.



A- Mike Holmes to me represents pride in a job well done, whatever that job may be. In my eyes, he is the embodiment of quality, trust, and ethic. I admire Mike because he is a strong role model for young and old, men and women alike. His demand for excellence and his naturally affable personality draws admirers from around the world. And he’s my absolute favorite person ever, which is why I started a blog about him!


A- Hi, my name is… sorry. I prefer to remain anonymous. Why? Because The Holmes Spot is not about me, so who I am really doesn’t matter. However, if you’re observant and resourceful enough, you might be able to piece together who I am.


A- About 50 percent of THS’s readership originates from the US, and 47 percent originates from Canada. The remaining 3 percent comes from Europe, Australia, and other. Here’s a happy pie chart to illustrate:



A- I obtain information from interviews, videos, newspaper articles, radio shows – pretty much anything public is fair game. What makes the Holmes Spot different from the official websites is that I attempt to obtain information about a topic from as many different sources as I can and then compile it to give readers a better, clearer understanding of the issue. I NEVER publish private information. I NEVER publish information from private Facebook accounts. I NEVER publish embarrassing or sensitive information. I NEVER publish photos obtained from private Facebook accounts or other private sources unless I have permission to do so. I try not to publish hearsay unless I have multiple or credible sources confirming the information and it meets the above “NEVER” criteria. Above all, I value the privacy of Mike Holmes and his family and his crew members, and I will NEVER publish anything that could be construed as disrespectful or compromising to them in any way.


A- I have no idea. I’m not entirely convinced that Mike Holmes has ever heard of The Holmes Spot, although I’m 100 percent certain that at least some of his worker bees have (and they probably monitor me regularly to make sure I’m not posting anything too crazy).


A- No I’m not, as you can plainly see from my spelling of words such as “color” “labor” “mold” and “neighbor.” I do, however, have a great appreciation and respect for my Canadian friends.


A- LOL, no! I’m just a fan, and this is a fun hobby for me. To date, I have generated a grand total of zero dollars from maintaining this blog. I don’t foresee that changing any time in the near future.


A- I’ve met Mike, twice! But I don’t know him, I don't work for him, I can’t relay messages to him, I can’t ask him questions, and I certainly don’t speak for him! Please do not confuse my opinions and commentary as anything official. I am just a fan!


  1. Wow, you do a pretty good job of tracking down information. There are a few inaccuracies but for the most part, not bad. I hope you get a chance to meet him some day, if that is your wish.

  2. I've noticed that the information you post about Mike Holmes & his activities is much more frequent, detailed & current than the information provided by the official make it right site.

    You post practically every day or every 2nd day while the Holmes site has gaps of anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

    I'm kind of puzzled why the Holmes operation does not use the full potential of their website that they leave out so much that you cover.

    Just over the last 4 month you posted 124 times while the Holmes site had 32.

    The internet reaches a lot more fans than an article in a local paper or an interview on a local radio or TV station. How much time & effort does it take to cover Mike's activivties & put it on their site?

    You do an excellent job, without advertising and you have page after page of your site listed on Google. A pretty good endorsement.

    I hope you can keep it up.


    1. Thanks Jundee, coming from you that means a lot! I've come to realize that sometimes fan sites have more liberty than do official ones. I'm having fun looking things up and it's wonderful people can use this as a resource. I noticed that I dominate Google search results in many cases. That puts a lot of pressure on me to have integrity in how and what I post. Thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated!

    2. Great Job!
      You missed one video from the Meaford Builder article.
      On their site, www.thirdlinehomes.ca , they have a similar video to the one you recently posted regarding Holmes Approved Builders. The Holmes Media group has not released it yet, but the builder has!

  3. The new bio on Mike is just great. really appreciate all the updated information. Just wondering if you know the names of his brother and sister and do they work for his company also. Several years ago we heard that his brother was a fireman. Is this true?
    Your work on keeping us updated on Mike Holmes is great.

    1. Thanks JC! I don't know much about Mike's family... I think I have heard from somewhere that Mikes brother was a fire fighter but I have no idea where I heard that or if it's accurate. I don't think his siblings work for or with him, although his kid and uncle do! Maybe one day Mike will write his autobiography and shed some light on things for all of us interested fans!

    2. Just found your blog and found it very interesting. Well done. According to the credits of the show, Amanda is listed working behind the scenes and Sherry and Mike Jr. are part of the site crew.

  4. You have outdone Mike's website. You have outdone Wikipedia, you have outdone HGTV's website. The Holmes Spot is the ONLY source for information about Mike Holmes, the end. It is truly baffling you have never been acknowledged by the Holmes Group, because you are performing one hell of a service for their fans. For free. Not to mention you are making Mike look much more organized and popular than he probably actually is. Just an observation, take it for what it is. He owes you a beer or two, or at the very least a hearty thanks. Take care, X

    1. Wow, what an amazingly kind comment! Thank you so much. I don't do what I do for credit or acknowledgement, because if I did, I would have stopped a long time ago. I'm very happy people are getting something out of this place, that means a lot to me. And if Mike wants to take me out for a beer the next time he's in Las Vegas, I'd be more than happy to oblige!!!

  5. I love the HOlmes Spot! Keep it up! Mike Rocks!

  6. Where do I got o ask Mike a question??? Please.

    1. You can email Mike through his website www.makeitright.ca. Here's the link to his contact page: http://makeitright.ca/Information/contact_us.php

  7. Mike Holmes is a hero. Have a bad situation where my 89 year old widowed sister in New Jersey was taken advantage of. A simple job request to get things fixed in her house turned out to be a major disaster as the person doing the work isn't a contractor like he said and seemingly had alternative motives. She can't even use running water like she should. The funds it would take to make things right again we are told are far above what we can do and I live in another country. It's impacting her health which up to now was wonderful. Please don't stop exposing the wicked things bad persons do who endanger others especially the elderly. Thank you for reading this, God bless you. Should you be able to respond my email is jeredc2000@gmail.com. Thanks again.

  8. When googling Mold issues in Marshall Minnesota Mike's article came up regarding a couple with mold issues in their home after rain a lot of rain in Marshall. The reason I was checking out mold issues in Marshall as my daughter is renting a home in Marshall that he the landlord purchased in 2009 for $5000. The house when we did the initial walk thru my daughter pointed out some mold in the basement. Landlord brushed her off. Now after paying over $2000 first month rent, deposit etc the basement is full of mold. She has had it checked out by city inspector, pics etc and yes there is mold. He is in the process of evicting her. The people that rented before my daughter had to move out due to mold issues. What the landlord is doing is spraying alittle bleach and calling it good. New renter charge them all kinds of money...mold grows...he sticks the renter. The city of Marshall does nothing to protect a renter from a landlord that just treats the symptoms of mold but he does not have it professional take care of. The landlord C VanMeveren should be held accountable of renting a house that is non-habitable. A huge shout out goes out to you for helping the public with making sure someone helps the renters...my daughter thanks you for all you do. We wish that the city inspectors, the county inspectors, the health inspectors, the landlords all would be responsible and do their jobs but it just does no happen. Take care!!!!

  9. This made me wonder if Amanda and Adam are still together.

  10. Hello....... I am planning to install DIY Amdry subfloor.... I wanted to ask the spacing needed in the corner. Do we need to have a space in the well..... I already have my drywall up. I am not sure because would the space not cause cold air come in winter.

  11. Hi I had a question about tub tiling. Do you tile a drop in tub deck before or after you install the tub and the pros and cons of both methods.

  12. Hi I have a tileing question. Do you tile a drop in tub deck before or after tub installation and pros and cons of both methods. Thankyou

  13. Hi I'm adding and addition to basement, all new drywall is up. Plumber didn't glue joint on sump pump. Came home at lunch and water in new and half old part in basement, bottom of drywall looks wet, they are there drying it now. do I have them replace half the walls? Im sure they will fight me on this, I have 3 kids and thinking mold? Please help renos are over 100K