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Another Indigenous Housing Related Article (2010)

On June 12, of this year, Mike Holmes participated in the World Indigenous Housing Conference. However, Mike Holmes has been a long-time supporter of improving the conditions on the reserves in Canada. This short, slightly inflammatory but very passionate editorial blog was posted in 2010. In it, the author praises Mike for trying to make a difference for the lives of the indigenous people living in Canada. He criticizes "do-gooders" in Canada for supporting charities around the globe, but doing nothing for the people living in poor conditions right in their own backyard. At the very least, "Mike Holmes is attempting to do a wonderful thing," the author recognizes.

(This is just a short little puff piece to fill this space whilst I'm away on vacation!!! Enjoy, and I'll be back on Monday. My luck, something amazing will happen in the life of Mike Holmes in between now and the time I get back and I won't be here to blog about it. Oh, bother.) 


An idea worth getting behind

Published On Wed Sep 15 2010

Mike Holmes and Assemble of First Nations National Chief, Shawn A-in-chut.
Mike Holmes and Assemble of First Nations National Chief, Shawn A-in-chut.
Re: Mike Holmes sets sights on native reserves, Sept. 12
Kudos to Mike Holmes. The conditions under which children and others live on reserves in Canada is a national disgrace. It has always amazed me that the cabal of Canadian do-gooders who travel the globe while drawing good salaries and dispensing money they have collected in Canada don’t appear at all interested in working on our reserves.
It seems many are more interested in foreign travel, perks and income, and accolades they desire to acquire as long as they are addressing problems outside Canada. It seems nobody wants to help improve the equally as terrible squalor that exists right here at home. I say shame on the whole bunch of you.
Mike Holmes is attempting to do a wonderful thing. He needs the support of our governments, plus the generosity of Canadians. To all those self-promoting Canadians traveling the globe in the name of this or that questionable (in some cases) charity, do something for your own country for a change. I don’t have to identify you, you know who you are and so do we. You could make a wonderful difference.
Clyde Kitteringham, Milton

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