Monday, February 25, 2013

Holmes Get It Right

Sometimes, neglecting your due diligence to fact check before writing a blog entry can produce hilarious results. I'm not talking about myself per se, at least this time.

I found this blog entry for an organization called Media Plus + who is affiliated with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries and the PSA video they put out earlier this month featuring Mike Holmes:

When I originally posted this video, I noted that it was unique that Mike was doing a PSA like this for a non-Canadian government organization. Come to find out, the reason why Mike did it is because the organization simply asked him if he'd be interested, and he said yes. According to this Media Plus + blog entry, Mike did the PSA and allowed the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries to use his talent and likeness at no cost. Very awesome of Mike to do that!

Unfortunately, whoever wrote this blog entry forgot to do a simple Google search to look up the TV shows Mike has actually been apart of. They got Holmes on Holmes down pat, but I don't recall any show called Holmes Renovations or Holmes Get It Right anywhere on or off of the HGTV or DIY networks. (I got a good chuckle out of that last one!) However, they did accurately report that Mike had a "handsome mug," and I tend to agree with them on that point.

From the Media Plus + Website:

Protect My Home Video Ad Campaign with Mike Holmes 

Media Plus+ client, the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, wanted to launch a new campaign designed to help homeowners avoid contractor fraud. They want consumers to visit their new website, and find out how they can avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous contractors. Believing that it “never hurts to ask”, Media Plus+ contacted Comcast cable and inquired about the possibility to getting Mike Holmes (of Holmes on Homes, Holmes Renovations and Holmes Get it Right on HGTV and DIY Networks) to be the spokesperson for this campaign. After all, if you have ever watched his show, that is all that he’s about. Well, it is true, it never hurts to ask because he said yes, and did voice for a :60 radio and a :30 TV spot as well as allow his handsome mug to be used in online ads– and he waived his talent costs.
Take a look at the finished product:

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  1. His acceptance of the invitation is not hard to understand.

    His show(s) air in the US & agreeing to do this spot for the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries will give him more exposure & name recognition.

    A smart move.