Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Rumor Mill Is Churning

The other day I stumbled upon an entertainment website where users submitted questions pertaining to their favorite television shows and network lineups. Lo and behold, a question had been submitted asking about Holmes Makes It Right.

From Community Voices Post Gazette

Q: Are there going to be brand new Mike Holmes shows -- either “Holmes on Homes” or “Holmes' Inspection” -- on either HGTV or DIY?
- Jan, 65, Kennedy Twp

Rob: According to a publicist for the networks, Mike Holmes will have a new series – “Holmes Makes It Right” - which is slated to premiere on DIY Network in August.

Interesting. I didn't quite know what to think when I read this being that we've been told that Holmes Makes It Right was going to be premiering in the States in"early 2013" and August is far from early. So I posted a question on Mike's Facebook page, and I actually got a response back.

So I just read on an entertainment website that Holmes Makes It Right is set to air in the States on DIY in August 2013. Is there any truth to this or is this just a rumor?

Hi Raquel. We are still waiting on for an air date from the broadcaster. It looks like it may be later this year - but we can't confirm anything. Fingers crossed that it will be soon!

From my experience, I know that things premiere on HGTV and then move to DIY later. Hopefully this will be the case, because August is an awfully long ways away! Although I did manage to glean one piece of information from this brief interaction... Holmes Makes It Right will NOT be airing in the US in "early 2013" as was initially stated. It's going to be a little later than that. The rumor mill is churning...



  1. I've noticed lately that none of Mike's shows are airing on HGTV. They all seem to have moved to the DIY Network and not everyone gets that channel. Whoever is now running HGTV must not like Mike's shows. I remember one time over a year ago, people were complaining that there was too much Mike on HGTV. Maybe that's why they moved him to DIY which must make Mike do a slow burn since he hates DIY. Too bad the person running HGTV didn't make a similar decision about House Hunters since many people now refer to HGTV as the "House Hunters" network since there are so many of those episodes airing.

    1. The only problem with that is HGTV and DIY are run by the same company as far as I know. Its like VH1 and MTV. Shows bump back and forth because they're run by the same parent company. And yes the concept of DIY is antithetical to Mike Holmes :)

  2. I'm kind of surprised that only 54 people have responded so far. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that except for the 2 hour episode
    "Pasadena" and the 6 hour series in New Orleans, both of which go back a number of years, There really has been nothing else happening in the US.

    Canadian produced shows, except for the odd occasion lke "Flashpoint" don't do to well in the US market. I bet the reponse from US fans would be much bigger if Mike were to operate in the US every so often.

    But the cost & red tape etc. involved are just to prohibitive to consider that.

    This is only assumption on my part but it seems resonable to assume that when Mike did "Pasadena" it was the result of his appearance on the Ellen show & I bet she made substantial contribution since the episode centered on a couple that was on her show.

    Regarding New Orleans, that series was shown on HGTV Canada as well as the Global network & I'm guessing that Mike was also thinking of the exposure it would give him to market his show in the US. That does not diminish the fact that he wanted to help.

    Here is a link to the article from the Toronto Star that can still be found on Google.


    1. Oh Jundee, I have to disagree... I think 50 people responding in a few days is wonderful! I'm hoping to get about 100 signatures. More would be wonderful, but 100 to me is success :) Especially given that the only promotion it's getting is me and this blog!

      Personally, I have no problem watching Canadian shows. I watch a lot of HGTV and DIY, so I'm use to seeing Canadian faces. For me, I can't really distinguish between the US and the Canadian shows on those networks unless I know specifically which ones are which.

      Many Americans love Mike Holmes, and I agree with you that it's a matter of exposure, but I think the exposure has more to do with the regional location, specifically the north east. Mike spends a lot of time in the north east, and he has a lot of US north eastern fans. He needs to spend more time promoting himself west of the Mississippi, in places such as California. If Mike promoted himself in places like California, Las Vegas (where I live), and even places like Denver where construction and home renovation is big big big business, he would absolutely blow up as far as brand recognition. But I understand his time constraints, as he is not a musician or a professional celebrity who makes his living traveling around the world. He's a "celebrity contractor" in Toronto. I don't blame him so much for wanting to stay close to home. If he really wants to get his message out to a larger audience, it wouldn't take much time, it would only take some strategy and a little savvy marketing.