Monday, August 5, 2013

Holmes Makes It Right US Premiere - TOMORROW on the DIY Network

Tomorrow, August 6, is the day US Holmes fans have been waiting for for a VERY long time. That's right, tomorrow on the DIY Network, Holmes Makes It Right premieres at 8PM/7C. There isn't a whole lot of fanfare about the US premiere, but the Holmes Group has been diligently promoting the show on Mike's Facebook pages and website.

The "new" episodes of Holmes Makes It Right are now almost a year old as they make their way to the US. The reason for the long delay is unknown or undisclosed. At this time last year, US fans were told that the show would premiere in both the US and Canada simultaneously in October 2012. However, we here in the US were soon informed that the show would air not in October, but in early 2013. As March/April rolled around, it became abundantly clear that the show would not be airing in "early 2013" as initially told. The Holmes Spot blog was the very first to report that TV Guide had Holmes Makes It Right listed as airing in August of 2013, a detail which was only confirmed by the Holmes Group within the last couple of months.

Many fans are upset that the show is premiering on the DIY Network as opposed to the HGTV network due to DIY being premium channel for many cable providers. In a conversation I had with the Holmes Group's Seth Atkins at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in May of this year, I was informed that the reason the network is airing the show on the premium channel first is because (to paraphrase) "HGTV is trying to give DIY a boost." HGTV and DIY are sister networks. He also acknowledged that he Holmes Group was quite inundated with complaints from US fans who were rather upset at the long delay. I informed him that I was one of the complainants.

For all those Holmes fans who do not get the DIY Network, there is a light at the end of the long dark tunnel. Both HGTV in a form letter to inquiring fans and Seth Atkins of the Holmes Group indicated that HGTV would be picking up Holmes Makes It Right in about 6 months from the DIY air date. Both HGTV and Atkins seemed to indicate that the 6 month timeline was approximate and that no exact date was set.

I live in the US, and the shows will be new to me. Late last year, I found several episodes of Holmes Makes It Right on the internet (they have since been removed). Out of the several episodes that were posted, I chose to watch only two of them for the purposes of reviewing them for the Holmes Spot blog. I did this because I assumed that the show would be airing in "early 2013" and I didn't want to completely ruin the surprise for myself. (Lesson learned!) I was very impressed by the show, and you can read my review of Holmes Makes It Right here - Holmes Makes It Right - The Holmes Spot Review.   

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