Friday, August 9, 2013

This Isn't Funny... But It's Kind of Funny

So, I think I might be a witch, or maybe a prophet, or maybe some sort of prophetic witch. One of my friends shared this picture with me from Damon Bennett's Twitter feed...

I don't mean to laugh... I mean, under normal circumstances someone wearing a cast wouldn't be funny at all. But given Mike's birthday present exactly one week ago today, I'm finding this a little ironic. No word has come back yet if MJ is available to saw off Damon's cast with a chainsaw.

On a serious note, The Holmes Spot wishes Damon a speedy recovery and all the best :)


  1. Get better soon Damon! And that is kind of funny. Wonder if he realises the irony.

  2. What happened to Damon?

    1. Damon is still with Holmes. As far as what happened to his arm... I don't know!

  3. Poor Damon! I hope he feels better soon.