Monday, February 24, 2014


Today, the odometer rolled over on Mike's Facebook page... well, not really. It did hit 100,000 "likes" though, which is a huge milestone for any public figure Facebook page. A "like" on Facebook is of course when a person shows interest and/or support for a particular topic, person, item, or idea. Each like represents a person, and in Mike's case, each like represents a fan. To celebrate this milestone, Mike created a short video to show his love for his fans and their support.

For a little perspective on the growth of Mike's Facebook page, which more or less represents Mike's growth as a public figure, when I first discovered Mike on Facebook in November 2011, the page had 30,000 likes. A few months later in mid-2012, the page hit 50,000 likes. Less than a year later, the page has literally doubled in size. I see 1,000,000 fans in the near future!

Watch Mike's video:

Post by Mike Holmes.

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