Wednesday, February 26, 2014

L&I Commercial Featuring Mike Holmes Returning to TV

L&I and contractor Mike Holmes returning to your TV screens

Remember L&I’s TV commercials featuring
contractor and cable TV personality Mike Holmes?
Mike Holmes
The ads first ran last spring, and now they’re running again. It’s the relaunch of our media campaign to drive traffic to, where homeowners can learn how to hire a registered contractor.
Holmes is a residential home improvement contractor in Canada. He’s had several cable TV shows, including Holmes on Homes, which also is broadcast in the United States. In that show, he repairs home improvement disasters caused by bad contractors. He regularly makes the top 3 in the annual Readers Digest poll of most-trusted Canadians.
Holmes donated his time last year to appear in a 30-second commercial for L&I. “It’s buyer beware when you hire a contractor to work on your home because there’s so many bad ones out there,” he says in part. “You need to hire smart. Ask to see their registration, check their references and never, ever pay in full until the job is done.”
The ads will air for several days at a time around the state through mid-April. For instance, ads are running on regular broadcast TV channels in the Tri-Cities through mid-March and on Comcast cable TV channels in the Puget Sound region through Feb. 23.
Besides the Holmes’ spot, you might also see what’s called a “taggable.” That’s a 10-second ad that’s tagged onto the end of a longer commercial for shows like “Love It or List It” or “Holmes Inspection.” These shorter ads show the icon as an announcer urges viewers to go to the website before hiring a contractor.
Can’t wait to see the Holmes’ ad on TV? Watch it at

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