Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Commercial on the Horizon for Mike Holmes (?)

I don't think there's a Holmes fan alive who didn't absolutely love the Filtrete commercial featuring Mike Holmes, a lovely redhead (not me, unfortunately) and an adorable little baby.
This commercial aired in February 2013 and branded Mike "America's Favorite Contractor." Quite a feat for a dyed-in-the-wool Canadian, but nevertheless true. (For more information about this Filtrete commercial, see Holmes Spot Exclusive: Interview With Christy Bonstell). Well oops, this part-time babysitter did again, or so it appears.
From Mike's Facebook page February 4:
Yesterday I spent the morning working on some exciting stuff with the Filtrete 3M folks!
Check out the behind the scene picture:

So yes, it does appear that another Filtrete brand filter commercial is on the horizon for Mike Holmes! Can't wait to see what Mike has up his sleeve this time!

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