Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mike Holmes Teams Up With Bachly Construction

For a construction or renovation company, having the Holmes seal of approval is the ultimate gold star, signifying to the consumer that the company on the list stands for quality and integrity. It seems that yet another company has met Mike's stringent standard and has been folded into the "Holmes Approved" family. Bachly Construction is a 50 year old company with a "longstanding commitment to high-quality construction, durability, sustainability and design."
Read the announcement here:
Bachly Construction is Holmes Approved

Mike Holmes' nationwide search for industry-leading builders and "homes built right" led him straight to Bachly Construction—now an official Holmes Approved Homes Partner Builder

Bachly Construction is recognized for sustainability, quality construction, and luxurious design. Bachly Construction is distinguished for continually exceeding the expectations of clients and industry associates through their continued commitment to prompt, courteous, and efficient service.

Over the course of more than 50 years, Bachly has grown into a multi-faceted construction company offering services in Emergency and Restoration services, Custom Home and Cottage construction, and Commercial building. BachlyBachly Construction a befitting partner with Mike’s Holmes Approved Homes program.

The program sources only the best builders, contractors, products and materials in order to maintain the program’s strict construction standards, ensuring that every Holmes Approved Home is "built right from the ground up".

As an official Holmes Approved Builder, Bachly Construction is not only reinstating its longstanding commitment to high-quality construction, durability, sustainability and design, but also taking the next step in providing its clients with the added assurance that their investment is protected.

Through the new partnership, Mike Holmes Inspections will be conducting stage inspections on every Holmes Approved Home built by Bachly Construction, which includes on-site field reviews by fully trained and certified Mike Holmes Inspectors that document everything they see throughout critical stages of construction. This helps provide clients with some peace of mind in knowing that their home was built above industry standards, and the documentation serves as an asset should homeowners ever decide to re-sell.

Bachly Construction has always stood for quality construction, from the foundation to the finishing touches on every single one of their homes. But now, they are giving their clients the undeniable proof of the quality and value that exists behind their walls.

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