Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holmes Makes It Right - The Holmes Spot Review

Despite the flashy new opening, Holmes Make It Right is still classic Holmes.
For all of you lucky Canadian fans, Holmes Makes It Right has been on the air for a little over a month now. For everybody else in the world, we've been waiting patiently for 2013 to come so that we too can see Mike's new show. This morning, I got a little impatient however, and went looking on YouTube for some clips. Within seconds, I found that some mischievous bootlegger had ripped the episodes and put them up for all to see! Joy! So far, I've watched the first two episodes, and being that this is the Holmes Spot, I figured I'd throw my two cents in.

Computer graphics illustrate Mike's vision in real time.
I'll make it short but sweet. I LOVE the new show. At first, I was a little off-put but the flashy new opening credit sequence. I'm a big fan of the classic and simple opening of Holmes on Homes, which runs a little like collage of the most memorable moments from the show. Less is more. However, once I actually saw an entire episode, I realized there was a method to the madness. One thing is for sure, Holmes Makes It Right is NOT Holmes on Homes 2.0. It is an entirely different beast, one that combines Mike's know-how with a heavy dose of humor and personality, and perhaps a Red Bull or two. The show is non-stop energy -- it's very entertaining to watch, and yet it still manages to maintain the charm and spirit of its predecessors. Gone are the somber reveals and soft camera angles; instead, Mike and the crew celebrate a job well done with enthusiastic pride and fancy new computer graphics. The show also seems to display a new level of interactivity between Mike and the homeowners. In the first episode, "A Case of the Shingles," Mike not only allowed the homeowners to watch the crew's progress in real time (the family set out lawn chairs across the street), but invited one of them to work alongside the crew as they removed shingles from the roof. In summary, Holmes Makes It Right is definitely one of the most unique reno-reality shows on TV, and Mike seems to have found a comfortable place in front of the camera. The show is without a doubt Mike Holmes at his very best, and everything I've seen so far has exceeded my already high expectations. The Holmes Spot proudly gives Holmes Makes It Right two thumbs up!

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