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Mike Holmes and BASF

Mike Holmes has had an ongoing relationship with the chemical company BASF for many years. Recently, Mike wrote an article about spray foam insulation in which he spoke about WALLTITE Eco, which is manufactured by BASF (See Mike Holmes on Spray Foam Insulation for more information). Yesterday, he posted a status update on his Facebook page about attending Construct Canada (, which is a building design and construction trade show. He held a meet and greet at the BASF booth # 846.

Great day today at the BASF booth at Construct Canada. I love these shows - so many industry leaders under one roof.

From the BASF Construction North America website:

Mike HolmesMeet and chat with Mike Holmes at Construct Canada
External Link:

Visit Construct Canada 2012 and have the chance to meet
Mike Holmes.

For two hours only, the star of the hit TV shows Holmes on Home, Holmes Inspection and Holmes Makes it Right will be live and in-person at the BASF booth (#846). Join us November 29 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm to meet Mike and learn how he and his crew are on a mission to make things right in homes across North America.



Going back a few years to 2008, the Holmes Group and BASF announced in a news release that WALLTITE Eco would officially be Mike Holmes' insulation of choice:

News Release

BASF Canada Signs Agreement with the Holmes Group

Mike Holmes to promote BASF WALLTITE® Spray Polyurethane Foam as the insulation of choice

MISSISSAUGA, ON, April 25, 2008 – Today, BASF Canada is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Mike Holmes, Canada’s most trusted contractor. For several years, Mike Holmes has promoted BASF’s spray polyurethane insulation, WALLTITE as the insulation of choice for homebuilders, contractors, and homeowners across Canada. The insulation will now carry the "Holmes Mark" to identify it as a Mike Holmes approved product. Mike Holmes has chosen BASF WALLTITE for its overall product performance and effectiveness in improving the comfort and energy efficiency of residential construction. According to Mike Holmes, WALLTITE is "ideal for creating a complete thermal break and controlling moisture, air movement and mould. WALLTITE should be minimum code."

Kerry Bowman, Business Director for the Polyurethanes Systems at BASF Canada, stated he is "pleased to be working with Mike Holmes for his integrity in building practices and product selection. BASF has appreciated the support that Mike has provided to WALLTITE over the past years."

Mike Holmes is a contractor with over 20 years of professional experience, with a passion to Make it Right™, the first time.

For more information contact:

Robert Armstrong

BASF Canada

Tel: (289) 360-6178


BASF Canada

100 Milverton Drive, 5th FL

Mississauga, ON L5R 4H1

Tel (289) 360-1300

Fax (289) 360-6000

In another Mike Holmes/BASF news release:

B A S F: Ma k ing it B e tte r

“It was very clear, after using WALLTITE a couple of times, that it was the best possible insulation on the market – no question.”


100 Milverton Drive, 5th Floor
Mississauga, ON L5R 4H1
1-866-485-BASF (2273)

“To my mind,” Holmes says, “the perfect eco-friendly house would have an on-demand tankless hot water heater, in-floor radiant heating, solar-assist electricity and hot water heating, a living roof, a grey water-recycling system, light emitting diode (LED) lighting and geothermal heating.” Many of these features would find their way into the new home. As for insulation, Holmes’ eco-efficient, durable solution was WALLTITE® from BASF. Holmes started using WALLTITE products 5 years ago and has been impressed ever since. “It was very clear, after using WALLTITE a couple of times, that it was the best possible insulation on the market – no question.” Beyond the thermal performance, Holmes sees a lot to like about the insulation. “Homeowners should think about the overall effectiveness of the product,” he says. “As a spray foam, WALLTITE covers everything, so there is no potential for cold spots, gaps, voids or settling. It’s a complete thermal break between inside and outside temperatures and it allows for no air movement.” Homeowners who use WALLTITE products also benefit economically down the road, because of its insulation value. “Consider the long-term savings in energy efficiency and longevity,” Holmes says.

The Implementation

Christina and Joe’s completed house included the features that Holmes expects in a truly eco-friendly home. It uses a system of photovoltaic cells and hot water panels to absorb sunlight and covert it into usable electricity. These are situated on a roof that includes an eco-roofing system that helps manage rainwater and helps cool the house. Rainwater is also collected in a cistern and treated for laundry, toilets and exterior irrigation. The air system and interior building materials were selected to improve air quality. These features include paints that contain a minimum of solvents, non-allergenic carpets, hardwood flooring and tile, plus two furnaces, each with dual-filtration systems. For durability and heat conservation, concrete made up the complete substructure of the house. This also enabled the crew to install radiant in-floor heating that comfortably and evenly distributes warmth throughout the house. And, of course, WALLTITE envelopes the house. Sound architectural practices, like recessed, south-facing windows, a vaulted ceiling and the use of LED lighting, helped further maximize the energy efficiency of the house.

The Results

Well over 3 years after they moved out of their house, Christina, Joe and their daughter, Julianna, are now happily and comfortably living in their new home. “The learning curve has been painful,” says Holmes. “But this is research and development. We put all the theories into one project and designed a prototype that’s totally different and that no one’s ever built. And now we can do it even better.” Holmes is planning to develop a number of eco-friendly communities based on this prototype. And, WALLTITE products, which now carry the “Holmes Mark,” identifying thas Mike Holmes-approved products, will be part of the mix.

When Mike Holmes puts his stamp of approval on something, you can guarantee that he not only uses the product, but he stands behind as well. Mike Holmes is not quick to throw his reputation behind something, a quality that has made him Canada's (and maybe the world's) most trusted Contractor.

Whereas Mike Holmes' trademark phrase is "make It right," BASF's claim to fame is "we don't make the products you buy, we make the products you buy better." A partnership between two entities who want to make it right and make it better for the consumer can only be a good thing ("it's a good thing" is Martha Stuart's catchphrase, maybe Mike should partner up with Martha and put out his own line of "Make a Good Thing Right" bath towels or something. Mike and Martha would make a fabulous team!!! J/KLOL)

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