Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Feel Better Soon, Mike...

Mike went on vacation to Costa Rica last week, but brought home a souvenir he hadn't planned on. From Mike's Facebook page:

I’m sick as dog. Just got back from Central America. If you’re travelling, please, take the proper medications and get the right vaccines. I’ve never been so sick in my life! I need to thank Wayne, the paramedic from British Columbia who helped me out. I couldn’t have received better advice. And I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to Ottawa for Skills Canada – I’ve never missed an event. But I’ll be there in January to make it right!

Even sick as a dog, Mike took a moment to remember those who are suffering even worse...

 I’ve been so sick, folks. But I’m back home and I’m getting the proper medical attention I need to get better. Those kids that live there in the developing world aren’t so lucky. We can help by making a donation to SOS Children’s Villages. Let’s send our support and help kids get the care they deserve!

You can read some more about Mike's work with SOS Children's Villages here:
Mike Holmes for SOS Children's Villages International

Let us be amongst the first to wish you a speedy recovery, Mike. Stay hydrated, take it easy, and watch lots of TV! Sometimes the flu is the best vacation we can hope for!!!

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