Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Flipping Out!

 One of my friends from Facebook posted this picture of a print ad featuring Mike for Filtrete Brand filters that recently came out. Mike Holmes - America's most trusted contractor. I think that has a nice ring to it :)
Most of us noticed though that the picture in the ad is flipped! Mike's watch and bracelet are on opposite hands and he's pointing with his left hand. The original picture looked something like this...
Photographically speaking, people tend not to have symmetrical faces and symmetrical expressions, so when you flip a picture, it looks distorted. I think I like the original photo better! Besides, if big brands are going to use Mike in their ads, they need to know that Mike is super recognizable to his fans! We know he wears his watch on his left hand and his bracelet on his right. The precise placement of Mike's bling is almost as iconic as his overalls! Regardless, it's exciting to see Mike in a big ad campaign, in the US nonetheless! As someone who'd like to see Mike as big and widely known in the States as he is up North, this is awesome!

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  1. I like how they claimed him as "America's most trusted" when Mike is a Canadian. Them darn Americans trying to claim Mike.