Friday, February 8, 2013

My Letter To HGTV

Maybe we should start one of those online petitions? Common HGTV... Mike's US fans really want to see Holmes Makes It Right! It's suppose to air in the US some time this year, but we haven't been given a date, and I'm starting to feel a little Holmes withdrawal. In the mean time, I've written my long overdue letter to HGTV in hopes for some sort of answer. Will they give me the cold shoulder? Maybe. Probably. But it can't hurt to ask. If you'd like to write HGTV and tell them that you'd like to see Mike's new show, here's the link to the contact page:

Sample letter to HGTV (Copy, paste, add your own name):

Dear HGTV,

I live in the US and would like to see Mike Holmes' new show Holmes Makes It Right. I'm really looking forward to seeing the series. I'm hoping that you will premiere the new series in the US soon, or at very least announce a date for when the new series will  premiere.





  1. I just got mine in Raqual...thank you for the example but i'm a little more demanding so i went with my own..great idea..lets see how many we can get to do the same..i'll help anyway i can...:)....Toni Keen

  2. I also sent my letter but the longer version on the HGTV contact page. I also questioned why they are not airing Sarah Richardson shows and just doing mini-marathons over 2 days. Same with Bryan Baeumler. He has House of Bryn 2 and the one where he renovates his cottage and we haven't seen any of those shows. I told them not everyone wants the overkill of House Hunters and I also mentioned that HGTV Canada seems to have better programming.

  3. HGTV needs to know that US fans are really getting impatient. We know it's not Mike's fault. Thinking about boycotting HGTV and DIY until the new show goes out. They need to get their ducks in a row, this is getting tiresome. Love Mike Holmes and I was born in raised in Georgia. Leslie M.