Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mike Holmes on Painting

Painting is probably one of my favorite projects to undertake. Every room in my house is a different color! But one thing I've learned from years of painting my own home is that painting is more than just picking out a color and smearing it on the walls. Well, I guess you can do that, if you don't mind getting paint all over the floor, baseboards, and ceilings. Painting is definitely a skill, and if you don't have the skill or patience to do the job right, it's important you hire a pro.

Craig Lowe is a name familiar to most Holmes fans, because Craig has been Mike's painter for years. Together, they started the Holmes Referred program to help connect people with the pros they need to get the job done right. (For more information, refer to previous Holmes Spot blog entry Holmes Referred Services Launched.) On Craig's website, he posts a short snippet about the program, as well as a video of Mike talking about his relationship with Craig:

Holmes Referred Partnership
Craig Lowe is the director of the Holmes Referred program developed with Mike Holmes. Holmes Referred can help you find reputable local contractors that get the job done right - the first time. The Holmes Referred program helps you hire a pro with the right skills for your specific project. These are the good guys who meet Mike Holmes' personal standards.

It's important that if you do choose to hire a professional to paint your home, you choose someone who cares about the job they're doing and has the knowledge to do the job right, the first time!

Please remember that the Holmes Spot is still on leave, as I am out of town and with family, but I will try to get an entry or two in when I get the chance! Looking forward to returning home on Monday (?) Take care until then!

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