Saturday, June 8, 2013

Skills Canada Closing Ceremony

I'm sitting in front of my computer getting ready to watch the Skills Canada Closing Ceremony live online. Mike Holmes will be part of the ceremony, and will be putting the medals around each competitor's neck. I'll be blogging my comments as I watch. You can watch the webcast here.

1:03PM The live stream just started!

1:05PM Mike is obviously very excited about Skills Canada and promoting the trades! He's such a great spokesman for competition!

1:08PM What a bunch of talented people! Mike makes a great "cheerleader!" He's responsible for a lot of people wanting to get involved with the skilled trades.

From Mike's Facebook:

The energy here is unbelievable!!! These are tomorrow's pros. You're in good hands, Canada. @Skills_Canada

1:32PM Nunavut just won the Spirit Award! Mike posted their spirit video on his Facebook:

1:41PM I see Mike Holmes sitting in the front row in the isle. He's impossible to miss!

1:42PM Wow, I didn't know that photography was considered a "trade!" Awesome, I love it!

1:44PM Medal presentations are about to begin. Mike Holmes will be presenting some of the medals!

2:15PM Wow, what a great ceremony so far! I've been really enjoying it!

2:21PM Ontario just took the gold in welding. I bet Mike is excited!

2:23PM Ontario just took gold in sheet metal work! Again, I bet Mike is excited!

2:26PM Wow, Ontario is laying waste to this portion of the award ceremony! Good for them!

2:32PM Mike's turn to present the medals!!!

2:35PM Mike looks so proud to be presenting the medals to all those hardworking people!

2:36PM Carpentry... this is Mike's field! Ontario takes the silver!

2:43PM Perhaps I wasn't paying attention, but I think we have our first female gold winner in the trades!!! Awesome Becky! I'm sure Mike is very proud!

3:00PM The awards for cooking got me hungry for a snack!


I love my job @Skills_Canada

Photo: I love my job @Skills_Canada

3:30PM Closing ceremony is coming to a close. What a fantastic energy filled event! Congrats to the winners! Very inspiring! I can see why Mike likes it so much!

3:36PM Ladies and gentlemen... MIKE HOLMES! Go Mike, you wave that flag!

3:37PM Short but sweet speech. Mike just passed the flag proudly!

3:40PM It was just announced that Toronto, Ontario will host next year's Skills Canada. Bet Mike is happy! He won't have to travel far! June 4-7 2014! Looking forward to it!

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