Friday, June 7, 2013

Mike and MJ Taking Vancouver By Storm - Part 3

Yesterday, Mike and MJ had a busy, busy, busy day in Vancouver, BC promoting Skills Canada. When the Holmes Spot left off yesterday, Mike was getting ready to attend a book signing, where a sea of humanity waited anxiously to meet Canada's most handsome trusted contractor!

Somebody better call Air Canada. I might miss my flight. Boatloads of ppl at the book signing @Skills_Canada

The flight that Mike made reference to was of course the flight he later took to Edmonton, Alberta to appear today at the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home. (See Mike Holmes Partners With Effect Home Builders for more information.) Mike posted this picture and humorous caption:

Off to Edmonton. Man, I'm up and down like a toilet seat.

As Mike headed off alone to Edmonton, one can only speculate what Mike Jr. did all by himself back in Vancouver. I'm thinking he took a looooong nap! Later that night, Mike took the time to post one more update, recapping us all on his day. Posted around 10:30PM PST last night:

MJ's holding down the fort @Skills_Canada. I'm here in Edmonton. Looking back at some pics from Opening Ceremony. Check out this pimped out ride.

Loving Mike's choice of words there! Especially in reference to a pink car. LOL. Loving the updates too! Keep 'em coming, we fans never grow tired of reading about your day!

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