Monday, February 10, 2014

Congrats Carlito!

I love weddings! I'm a girl, so how could I not? I've also done quite a bit of wedding photography in my day, and even after attending several dozen strangers' weddings, I'm still pretty fond of them. Mike announced today that he and the cast of Holmes Makes It Right would be traveling to Costa Rica to attend Carlito Pavlovic's wedding! Congratulations, Carl!

From Mike's Facebook page:

 Heading south to Costa Rica with the Holmes Makes It Right Crew for Carl's wedding!

Packed the Advil...extra strength.

Photo: Heading south to Costa Rica with the Holmes Makes It Right Crew for Carl's wedding! 

Packed the Advil...extra strength.

I'm not completely sure what he means by the "Advil Extra Strength" comment, but I can only assume Mike is referring to the last time he went to Costa Rica, in November 2012. See Feel Better Soon, Mike... for more information. It was indicated to me by at least three different sources that Mike was rather seriously ill after returning home, in and out of the hospital, and incapacitated for quite some time afterwards. Mike revealed that he had neglected to get all the appropriate shots and vaccines that are routine for North Americans to take before traveling down south. "I’ve never been so sick in my life!" he stated on Facebook. I'm sure that was a lesson learned the hard way for Mike, and a mistake he won't soon repeat. 


  1. Well, I guess that squashes the 'Carl & Sherry are married' rumour! Congrats Carl, I'm sure your fiancé would say that you are a very lucky man��

  2. spent 2 months in Costa Rica 2012-2013 no shots never felt better sunshine 40 degrees celsius everyday ate more healthier than ever (fresh every meal) and walked more than i have in 20 years. no stress. seriously thinking of quitting job packing family up and moving there

  3. Wow, Carlito got married, Damon is engaged, all the boys are growing up! Congratulation y'all!

  4. Belated Congrats Carl.
    Your Friend Kathy ( Punky ) from Christie’s Cookies. It’s awesome to see you on tv with Mike. First time Peter Watson and I saw you we freaked out. Happy as heck for you.
    Nice to see you made something with your life & got out of Factory work.
    I see here you Have A Farm. Right On. How’s your Mom & Dad. Hope both are well. Say hello to your mom from me Carl. Nice to see you found yourself A wife. Well it’s now 2018. Any babies yet ??
    Ok. Just hoping now you will see this post if not and it’s Mike that sees this , can you Please show Carl my message to him. I worked with him when he was a young punk ( kidding ) Carl has always been a great guy as your fully aware of. He made us laugh a lot. I am sure he keeps the crew there in tears of laughter as well.
    Congrats Carl.
    Your ole pal Punky. ��