Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blog Post Potpourri - A Mishmash Of Mike Updates

There's a lot of little miscellaneous updates floating around in the blogisphere of Mike Holmes that's been created right here at the Holmes Spot blog. Lots of little interesting tidbits that aren't really important enough to garner their own post, but deserve a place nonetheless. Here is mishmash of Mike Holmes updates from various stories posted around this blog.


1) Mike Holmes Birthday Surprise (SHHHHHH! It's a Secret!!!)

As I posted earlier this month, Mike's birthday is the 3rd of August, and I've got a pretty cool present for him. Can't fully reveal exactly what it is yet, but I'd like to post an update on my progress. The project is about 85 percent complete. Come Mike's birthday, I will have been working on this project for about six months. I'm confident I can finish it on time, but it's going to come down to the wire... call it a labor of love. Here are some updates from my top secret project. Confused? Good. You'll have to check back on August 3, 2012 for the reveal.

2) ABC'S The Revolution Bites The Dust

On July 4, Mike Holmes made a guest appearance on ABC's The Revolution. The segment was filmed in early June in New York. I made several derogatory comments about the show, stating that it was amongst other things, totally f---ing lame, and that Mike's segment was by far the only ray of sunshine to ever fall upon this abysmal excuse for a television show. Well... I'm indifferent to report that The Revolution is now officially CANCELLED! Apparently even Mike Holmes could not fix this crappy show. Sort of a tangential Mike update, but I thought it was interesting.

3) Jamie Bell Playground Update

I've probably posted no less than 10 blog posts on Mike's involvement in rebuilding the Jamie Bell Playground in Toronto. It's a really interesting story that's unfolded these last couple of months. As of late, I've found some more pictures from the grand re-opening on July 13, as well as the community build day on July 7. Here they are... I'm pretty sure all of these I haven't posted before, but if there are any repeats, just lay back and enjoy your bonus dose of Mike Holmes.

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