Monday, July 30, 2012

Alexisonfire Loves Holmes on Homes

I found this video on YouTube of an interview with a Canadian band I've never heard of, Alexisonfire. The interview was being conducted on MuchMusic, which is (I think?) sort of like the Canadian version of MTV. Regardless, one of the band members had a major man crush on Mike Holmes (who could blame him?) and of course loved to watch Holmes on Homes. Although the producers tried to get Mike on the show, he had prior obligations and couldn't make it  :(  However, someone else did show up... Mike's daughter Sherry Holmes! And she came bearing gifts, including some DVD's of her daddy's show, some t-shirts, a hat, and some signed swag. I'm so jealous!

Oh, and FYI, five days and counting until Mike's epic birthday present is revealed to the world!

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