Monday, February 23, 2015

Mike Holmes Using AirRenew Drywall from CertainTeed Gypsum - Video

It's not often that Mike Holmes go full-on gaga over a product. I can think of maybe a handful of products that Mike Holmes uses and loves enough to associate his name and reputation with. CertainTeed AirRenew Drywall is one of those products. Why does Mike Holmes love this product so much? Because it's cool, that's why. And it's an incredibly smart and innovative product that not only absorbs and neutralizes VOCs in indoor air, but does so for years. Best yet, you'll never even know it's there or think about it, because it's drywall. AirRenew Drywall actually pulls VOCs such as formaldehyde out of the air and neutralizes them in its core, and does so even with 25 coats of paint or wallpaper. Pretty impressive if you ask me. But why listen to me when you have Mike Holmes to explain it to you!


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