Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mike Holmes Partners With Effect Home Builders

In April of this year, Mike Holmes announced that he was partnering with Effect Home Builders in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. In this video, released today by Effect Homes, Mike explains the reasons for the partnership in his own words. One, Effect Homes are Canada's top green home builder, and two, they share Mike's values for quality and sustainability. He also goes into detail about the rigorous standards that a Holmes approved home builder must meet.



UPDATE: 6/6/13
Mike Holmes will be meeting and greeting people in Edmonton tomorrow June 7 to tour Effect Home Builders' Net Zero House.
From Mike's Facebook page:
Heading to Edmonton for the day tomorrow (June 7) to tour Effect Home Builders Ltd.'s Net Zero House. If you're in the area come out and visit! For more details check out:


Meet Mike Holmes!

June 02, 2013
You can meet Mike Holmes in person at the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home on Friday June 7th from noon to 1pm. The home is located at 11536 - 74 Avenue, Edmonton.

Mike Holmes is flexing his muscles in Edmonton with a new minimum code for home building that he says will set a higher standard for the housing industry. In partnership with Effect Home Builders, Mike is set to launch the Holmes Approved Homes program in Edmonton.
“I partnered with Effect Home Builders for two reasons,” states Mike Holmes. “First, when it comes to building green homes they are leaders. And two, they share my same values for quality construction and build above industry standards.”
The Holmes Approved Homes program emphasizes customized quality and energy efficiency, incorporating industry-leading products that help protect both the home and homeowner.
“I have my own fully-trained inspectors inspect every home at least six times documenting everything they see,” added Holmes. “They make sure every unit meets what I think will be tomorrow’s new standards for homebuilding. No other certification does that.”
Effect Home Builders was recently awarded the 2012 CHBA National Green Home Award for their Belgravia Net Zero Energy Home—a home that produces as much energy as it consumes. As the only builder in Canada to receive this award, they are recognized as one of Canada’s Top Green Home Builders. This show home is located at 11536 – 74 Avenue, Edmonton.
You can meet Mike Holmes himself, who will be touring the home while open to the public for viewing on June 7th from noon to 1pm.
“I had to come see this project for myself”, Mike states, ”I have heard some really great things about what Effect Home Builders accomplished here and I look forward to joining forces and building together”.
Every Holmes Approved Home built by Effect Home Builders will be EnerGuide rated to verify the high level of energy efficiency.
For additional information on Effect Home Builders or a virtual tour of the Net Zero Energy show home click here.

And by the way, here's the home where Mike will be tomorrow:



  1. Third Line Homes from Meaford posted a similar video May 17th, except the Holmes Media group hasn't released it yet on their end.
    They say they are still working on the program for Ontario.

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