Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mike Holmes in High River - Video

On July 12, Mike Holmes addressed a small but enthusiastic crowd in High River, Alberta. High River was one of the areas in Alberta severely affected by the June 20th floods which displaced over 100,000 people in the surrounding area. He spoke about the importance of having patience with the cleanup effort, he compared the catastrophe to the one in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, and he encouraged families to stay safe and not go back into their flooded homes.


  1. Mike Holmes has nothing to do with the recovery from the High River flooding nor any other disaster for that matter. He is simply visiting and putting his two cent comments to the public with a view to increase his own popularity. He has planted himself in a self-serving debate with media as to the clean up process and is needlessly stirring up community emotions and tempers. Stick to your TV show Mike and let the professionals do their jobs. PS:- I used to enjoy watching your program and now I have seen your dark, trouble making side (for self gain)and will no longer watch or purchase anything you might gain profit from.

    1. Mike Holmes has actually done a lot to help with the recovery, contrary to what you said. He's doing what he can, as one man, to make a difference. First and foremost, he has donated his own money to the relief effort, and has publicly encouraged others to do the same... by the way, how much have you donated? Anything? I find it funny that those who are the most critical have done the least to help. His tour of the area "to increase his own popularity" as you put it, has served to bring a lot of worldwide attention to the matter. As of yesterday he's currently using his influence to pressure the government to do the right thing as opposed to slapping a bandaid on the situation. Specifically, Mike wants the heavily flood damaged homes to be torn down and rebuilt better, as opposed to "fixed" which they can't be without massive problems for the people inside them later down the road. He's using his weight and popularity to advocate for the people in a way that only Mike Holmes can do. Lastly, it's been announced that Mike has it in the works to help one family, presumably "Holmes on Homes" style. He's also announced that he will help 500 other families through his company. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. Perhaps you should do a little bit of research first so you don't end up looking so foolish. Have a good day.