Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mike Holmes on the Todd Shapiro Show - March 4, 2014

This morning, Mike Holmes appeared on the Todd Shapiro Show which airs live on SiriusXM Radio. During the show, Todd wasn't shy one bit about his very obvious man-crush on Mike, whom he met on an airplane a couple of weeks ago as the two were flying to Costa Rica. Amongst other topics, Mike spoke about his near brush with death last year while vacationing in Costa Rica in late 2012. He explained that during an ATV excursion with good friend and go-to electrician Frank Cozzolino, he got dust in his eyes, which he later washed out using the local water from a sink. Later that night, he came down with a severe case of E. coli. The illness left him clinging to life (and presumably to the side of a toilet bowl) for nearly 36 hours (see Feel Better Soon, Mike... for more information). They also discussed Mike's work ethic and dedication to the trades, as well as his "amazing dance moves" in the club.

To listen to the segment, which begins around the 10:30 mark, visit TheToddShapiroShow.com/ and click "Listen Now" or download the March 4 podcast on iTunes.



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