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Stanton Renaissance and Mike Holmes Team Up To Make It Right

(BTW, if you're wondering why I haven't mentioned Mike's promotion of "Earth Hour" much, it's not because I'm lazy! It's because there seems to be a short video or two released every day starring the crew of Holmes Makes it Right to promote the event, and I'm expecting the grand finale tomorrow. You can expect full and complete coverage of Mike's promotion of the event either tomorrow or Sunday!)

It was announced today in a press release that Mike Holmes' real estate branch Holmes Approved Homes would be teaming up with development company Stanton Renaissance to create the first ever Holmes Approved condominium development. That's right, now condo owners can rest assured that their home not only meets but exceeds the "highest standards of quality, sustainability and craftsmanship." The 27-story high-rise development will seek combine luxury elements with "green" sustainable technology such as "CHP" or combined heat and power (for more information about CHP, see Boyle Renaissance Project To Utilize Energy Efficient Technology or watch this video).

Stanton Renaissance and Mike Holmes Team Up To Make It Right

Canada NewsWire
Partnership Underscores Commitment to Building Beyond Green
TORONTO, March 28, 2014 /CNW/ - Stanton Renaissance President and owner, Louie Santaguida, today announced an official partnership with trusted contractor and popular television host, Mike Holmes and his Holmes Approved Homes program—the real estate branch of The Holmes Group. Together, they will plan to develop upcoming sustainable building initiatives, including the On The Go Mimico project, an exciting first within the luxury condominium market.
Stanton Renaissance is a visionary development company committed to transforming communities through intelligent revitalization. Mike Holmes is a recognized leader in the building industry, respected for his no-nonsense approach to maintaining the highest standards of quality, sustainability and craftsmanship. The partnership with Stanton Renaissance represents the first condominium development endorsed by the Holmes Approved Holmes program and provides added assurance of condominium developments that will not only meet, but far exceed current industry standards for green building technology and exceptional design.
"Going beyond green drives what we do at Stanton Renaissance. When Mike heard about our passionate commitment to combining the highest standards of luxury building with the most innovative green and clean technologies, he contacted us, eager to jump on board," stated Santaguida. "Together, our goal is to provide new condo owners with the confidence and trust that they have bought a quality-built, luxuriously appointed, convenient and healthy home. Mike and I are so committed to the On The Go Mimico project, and what it stands for, that we are personally buying suites in the building."
On The Go Mimico is a 27-storey luxury condominium adjacent to the Mimico GO train station on Royal York Avenue. This building will be the first high-rise condominium in Toronto that will employ an integrated GeoExchange Cogeneration system to provide economical and environmentally responsible "hybrid" heating, cooling and hydro generation.
Typically, boilers in buildings today operate at lifetime efficiencies where 30-40 per cent of a building's generated heat is wasted. At On The Go Mimico, much of the energy will be supplemented by a Ground Source Geothermal system that uses the earth like a car battery, increasing on-site energy savings. The system works with nature by extracting heat from underground and using it to heat residences in the winter. In the summer, heat is transferred from residences to the earth where the cool ground absorbs the excess heat, a process known as a "heat sink", thus lowering cooling costs.
With the addition of a "CHP" or Cogeneration unit, the building will produce its own electricity and has the ability to sell excess power back to the grid. Not only does this ensure the building will have power available when the electrical grid is faulty, but also keep the heat and cooling on during blackouts and brownouts. Waste heat that is normally expelled into the air is recaptured by the system and used to supplement heating provided by the geothermal system, creating a hybrid application that takes condominium building and value to the next level.
On The Go Mimico will mark the first time this Green Globe award-winning system has been used in a high-rise residence, because of its small footprint, compared to townhouses or schools, where it has succeeded extremely well.
"I'm excited to work with Louie and the rest of the team. I see a lot of developments and developers, but nothing like what Stanton Renaissance is doing. They were doing green 30 years ago. They're beyond green," stated Mike Holmes. "If someone would have told me I would be building condos, I would have said, 'No way.' But when I heard what Stanton was doing, this made sense to me. This condominium is state-of-the-art. It's green, sustainable—which means projected lower condo fees—modern, close to transit, and when the lights go out these stay on. It's upgraded living and it saves you money," added Holmes. "It's what housing needs to be."
Taking the goal of transforming communities one step further, the current presentation centre for On The Go Mimico is the re-furbished historic CN railway station – one of only two wooden green and white stations left in Toronto. Stanton Renaissance saved the building from demolition and will donate the building to the city of Toronto as a living rail museum and community centre upon completion of the condominium project.
For more information about On The Go Mimico, please visit:
Stanton Renaissance Ltd. is an innovative real estate company that aims to transform communities with projects that enhance local neighbourhoods. The company has a proven track record for selecting an area, considering its possibilities for transformation, then rethinking and rebuilding it. Stanton Renaissance is committed to building well-designed condominiums and mixed-use developments that are visually appealing and in harmony with the local community, and which revitalize and renew neglected land. For all projects, Stanton Renaissance is exploring the implementation of state-of-the art integrated GeoExchange Cogeneration to provide economical and environmentally responsible "hybrid" heating and cooling mechanisms. Stanton Renaissance is headquartered in Toronto and is privately-held. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.
For more information on Stanton Renaissance, please visit:
Holmes Approved Holmes is the real estate division of The Holmes Group—an international brand with operations in independent media production, new-home building and home inspection, as well as expansion into product development. The Holmes Approved Homes program integrates proper building practices with cutting-edge products and technology in order to develop customized building specifications that go above and beyond residential standards, from construction to final inspection. Through key partnerships with industry-leading builders who implement these building specifications under the Holmes Approved Homes program, Mike Holmes has taken his mandate in new-home construction and made it available to homeowners across the country.
For more information on Mike Holmes or The Holmes Approved Homes program, please visit
SOURCE Stanton Renaissance Ltd.

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