Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All New Episode of Holmes Makes It Right: "Ventilation Blues"

Last night was the HGTV Canada premiere of the latest episode of Holmes Makes It Right, "Ventilation Blues." I'm certain it was fantastic, although I won't know for absolute certainty until 2013 when it airs in the States. As with the other episodes, Mike has made available all sorts of supplemental goodies to go along with the episode, posted on the Holmes Makes It Right website.

Goodies include an episode synopsis, photos, articles, and Mike's behind-the-scenes notes. Good stuff!

Here's a picture from last night's episode:

Let's have a Holmes Spot caption contest, shall we? I'll start.

Mike: "How did I get stuck carrying a dresser? Don't we have apprentices for this?"
Damon: "This probably would have been easier if we had taken the drawers out, buddy."
Mike: "I'm not your buddy, guy."
Damon: "I'm not your guy, friend."
Mike: "I'm not your friend, buddy."

Happy Halloween!

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