Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tuesday's Episode of Holmes Makes It Right: "Ventilation Blues"

Another new episode of Holmes Makes It Right premieres on HGTV Canada this Tuesday at 9PM EST. As many know, Mike's new show will not air in the States until early 2013. Why? There doesn't seem to be an answer, but I would venture to guess it's because of HGTV not wanting Mike's new show to be eclipsed by the election in the US, as it inevitably would.

If you are lucky enough to catch next week's show, it will be called "Ventilation Blues." From the HGTV Canada website:

 Ventilation Blues

Ventilation Blues
In this Episode
Mike tackles a recently renovated home where nothing is leveling out. The problems start with the HVAC, which doesn’t heat or cool and sounds like a jet engine every time it’s on. The floor joists are splitting and the brand new shower is disintegrating. Mike and his crew arrive to put things right

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