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Holmes Makes It...Awesome!

So, tonight was the premiere of Mike's new show, Holmes Makes It Right. Unfortunately for me, I didn't see it. Since I don't live in Canada, I will have to wait until 2013 to see the show air. However, the buzz on Facebook and the internet is incredible. Looks like Mike has yet another hit on his hands. From the wild and crazy promotions this afternoon in Toronto, to the live Tweets on Twitter from Mike, it appears that Mike not only made it right, he made it awesome!!! Here's some of the buzz from yesterday's launch of Mike's new hit show.

This from the Winnipeg Free Press:

Making it right, and bigger Mike Holmes expands focus to include entire communities

Mike Holmes
Of course, it's about the hammers and nails, the concrete and lumber, the wiring and plumbing and flooring and shingles and spray-foam insulation.
But Mike Holmes says his new HGTV series, Holmes Makes It Right, is also about much more than building materials and homes in desperate need of repair.
"One thing I love is that we've really brought in even more of a reason to 'Make It Right'," he says. "We've always had story arcs in the show, and there's always a happy ending; I didn't want to change those, but (this series) is very driven by the stories, by the homeowners and what's happened to them -- whether it's someone who's been harmed by the house blowing up or falling down or burning down, or someone coming back from the war in Afghanistan, or whatever."
Holmes Makes It Right, which premieres tonight at 8 on HGTV, the contractor-turned-TV-personality also expands the horizons of his reno/rescue efforts beyond the residential repairs that have been the staple of his earlier shows. In the new series, Holmes and his crew tackle some larger projects that affect entire communities.
The series opener focuses on a family-home roof repair, but next week's instalment finds the Holmes team working to rebuild a massive playground structure in Toronto's High Park neighbourhood after the beloved castle-shaped apparatus was destroyed by arson.
"Somebody, drunk and stupid, goes in and burns the place down," Holmes explains, "and the community is in an uproar. The government calls me in and, working with the fire department, the police department and the community, we build a castle that's even bigger and safer for the kids.
"It's a very story-driven episode, and it's driven by the children."
Since launching his first series, Holmes on Homes, on HGTV in 2001, Holmes has steadily gained popularity, evolving from a beloved specialty-TV character into a trusted and highly marketable global brand. A champion of proper procedures, permits and inspections, Holmes says he's gratified that his TV shows have helped homeowners become more educated while at the same time inspiring young people to consider careers in the skilled trades.
"Something that I'm very proud of is seeing the number of young people getting into the trades," he says. "I'd like to think that it's partly because of the (Holmes) shows -- though the only thing that really matters is that it's happening -- that it's becoming a cool thing to get into the trades.
"We're seeing a six per cent increase in women getting into the trades, and the opportunities are growing for both men and women. This is a really good change ... and I'm really proud of that."
Holmes admits he has heard the criticism leveled by some in the contracting industry that his shows create unrealistic expectations for homeowners looking to have work done properly on limited budgets.
"Yes, I'm hearing that a bit too often," he says. "I really want to stress that it's not about building a Taj Mahal, or going overboard for television purposes. The reason I do what I do is to teach people that if you spend your money properly, it comes back to you. I'm not going to go into a house and turn a blind eye to all structural and plumbing and electrical problems I see just because I'm there to fix the HVAC or the roofline. If I see a problem, I will take it apart, because I see it as an opportunity to educate everyone out there.
"For those (contractors) who say it's not realistic because I'm using more expensive products -- spray foam (insulation), mould-resistant drywall, Parallam beams -- well, that's what we should be doing, and I want people to learn that if you don't spend your money right, you will be fixing it down the road."
He adds that it's up to contractors to help their customers make the best decisions about home-renovation priorities.
"That's where the contractor has to educate the homeowner," he explains, "by saying, 'Look, you don't have enough money to fix all your problems, but if you look at it in stages of what we can do, then we can help you spend your money wisely.' It's our job to let them know the order they should be doing things in."
Holmes says the sheer number of requests he receives from homeowners in crisis -- he gets more than 100,000 emails from viewers every year -- suggests that there's still a lot of sub-par contracting work being done out there in the home-reno world.
"The hardest part for me is that I can't help all of them," he says. "I'd love to help everyone; I wish there was a 1-800-IVEBEENSCREWED number that people could call. But it's impossible; I can't do it. All I can do is continue doing what I'm doing and hope that people pay attention so they don't get screwed."
Holmes laughs when asked his opinion of the marketing materials for Holmes Makes It Right, which feature the contractor pulling open his jacket to reveal a Superman-style "H" logo on his chest.
"It was HGTV's idea to do that, but I think it's really cute," he offers. "I think what they're trying to say is that he -- meaning me -- is hero to the people out there who he goes out to help. And with so many kids out there watching the show, I think it's a great idea to let the kids know that there's an opportunity for them to become a hero, too. I think that's fabulous." Twitter: @BradOswald
Holmes Makes It Right
Featuring Mike Holmes
Tonight at 8

Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition October 16, 2012 D1
Here's a quick news release regarding the "Super Holmes" promotion from Canada Newswire:

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's… Super Holmes! Mike Holmes Contest hits the Streets of Toronto

Photo Opportunity with Mike Holmes
and "Mike-A-Likes"

TORONTO, Oct. 16, 2012 /CNW/ -

WHAT: The Spot A Super Holmes Contest is landing in Toronto on October 16th. From 11am - 4pm Mike Holmes and his look-alikes, clad in superhero capes and Mike's classic overalls, will be popping up across Toronto! Fans who spot Mike or one of his Mike-alikes can take a photo and be entered into a contest to win $5000 cash, or one of two secondary prizes from Roxul The Better Insulation or Milwaukee Tools, both valued at $2,500.
The brand-new series Holmes Makes It Right premieres Tuesday Oct 16th at 9pm on HGTV Canada.
WHEN: Tuesday October 16th, 11am - 4pm
WHERE: High-traffic locations across Toronto
WHO: Mike Holmes and his look-alikes, dressed as 'Super Holmes' in overalls and capes

Image with caption: "HGTV star Mike Holmes poses with 'Mike-alikes' who are popping up across Toronto today in the Spot A Super Holmes Contest. Fans who get their picture taken with them are being entered into a chance to win $5000. The new series Holmes Makes It Right premieres tonight at 9pm ET/PT on HGTV Canada.(CNW Group/ HGTV - Home & Garden Television)". Image available at:
SOURCE: HGTV - Home & Garden Television
For further information:
on the contest, specific locations for photo opportunities, or info about Holmes Makes It Right, please contact:

Sarah Stevens
Publicist, HGTV and DIY Network Canada
Shaw Media
Cell: 647-669-7164

Yesterday, Mike appeared on the Morning Show in Canada. Here are some screen caps. To view the video, go to the Global Toronto website and watch it!

Mike also appeared on "Every Second Counts" where he failed to identify a Jimi Hendrix song, but got $50 towards a charity anyways. He vowed to get it right next time. Mike's not a rock guy anyways. Perhaps if it were a Reggae song, he might of had a chance.

And last but not least, the Mike Holmes Fact of Fiction Wrap Up from HGTV Canada:
How Well do You Know Mike Holmes? Fact or Fiction Wrap Up
Posted by Tina Taus, Web Producer Tuesday, October 16, 2012 3:18 PM EDT

Tonight’s the night! Mike Holmes’ new series Holmes Makes it Right premieres at 9pm ET|PT. And in the seven day countdown leading up to the premiere we revealed a new fun fact about Mike. Today we’re revealing the answer to yesterday’s final quiz which stated: “Mike created his own signature drink.” If you guessed this statement was “fiction” you are… incorrect. It’s fact, Mike indeed has some mixology skills too! He has created a signature Holmes-tini drink which is made up of:
  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part coconut rum
  • 1 part peach schnapps
  • 1 part pineapple juice

Also, here are some other fun facts about Mike we didn’t ask during our week of quizzes which you may be surprised to learn:
  • You may think Mike has blue eyes, but they are in fact green.
  • Mike is a certified scuba diver, he scuba dives on Caribbean vacations
  • Mike has two honourary doctorates from BCIT & Niagara University


About the whole "Mike has green eyes" thing... yeah, I've seen Mike's eyes. In person. They looked very very blue to me. My husband thought they were blue too. And then a friend told me that Mike told her that his eyes were not blue or green, but hazel. Upon further examination, I determined that they looked greenish bluish greyish hazelish. I've come to the conclusion that Mike apparently doesn't know what color his eyes are, and therefore neither do I. So until I get further information, I'm going to leave the eye color question up on the shelf. Maybe if he didn't squint so much, we wouldn't be having this conversation.


Don't forget the ET Canada coverage:

Readers Digest Canada also released an interview with Mike today:

Making It Right: An Interview with Canadian Contractor Mike Holmes

The celeb contractor opens up about gaining trust, exposing mistakes, and tackling some surprising projects on his new show Holmes Makes It Right.

By Malcolm Johnston

Forbes magazine recently named you the third most trustworthy celebrity in the world, behind Morgan Freeman and Ron Howard. Were you surprised? It did make me wonder. I’m just some contractor from Canada. I guess it means that people believe in what I believe in.

The level of trust you’ve developed is a politician’s fantasy. Have you considered a run for office? No. But if I were prime minister, the first thing I’d do is fire everyone and start again. I’d hire normal people.

Much of the trust you’ve built has come at the expense of contractors. You expose their shortcuts and become the hero; they’re vilified. Any dirty looks at Home Depot? A few. People sometimes drive by and yell profanities. But in all my shows, only one contractor stood up to me. He came to the job site and said, “I did everything right!” I told him to watch the show.

What percentage of contractors are doing good, honest work? I call it the good, the bad and the ugly: 20, 70 and ten percent, respectively.

You were front and centre on Holmes on Homes, and then switched to a background role on Holmes Inspection. Are we going to see more of you in Holmes Makes It Right? Yes. And there are no limitations on what I’ll tackle. It could be a reno for a soldier who’s returning from Afghanistan. It could be the Toronto Zoo. It could be repairing Toronto’s High Park playground, which burned down.

A big part of your appeal is your outrage. People love to watch you go ballistic over shoddy construction jobs. What’s the maddest you got while filming the new show? At one house, I discovered a huge foundation problem. The whole place had to be torn down—I couldn’t fix it. Someone had bought it, covered up everything, painted it and then flipped it, and the new buyers were left holding the bag. And you know what was in the bag.

Water? Well, I’d say browner.

Your business empire is rapidly expanding. Do you ever get a chance to kick back? I got one week off this summer, and I sat on my boat on Lake Ontario like a vegetable. It’s a 41-foot apartment: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen.

What did you name it? Wake It Right.
Of course. Your slogan, “Make it right,” is everywhere—even tattooed on your right arm. It applies to everything. If you’ve done something wrong in your relationship, make it right.

Does your “Make it right” philosophy extend into the kitchen? When you’re cooking do you ever deviate from the recipe and toss in a handful of chili flakes? I experiment. I’m a great cook. You should taste my meat loaf, it’s unreal. I learned it from my dad.

You must be the perfect neighbour: You’ve always got the right tool. I think the neighbours love me. I’m quiet and courteous. But they don’t ask for my tools, which is fabulous.
(Photo: The Holmes Group)

Holmes Makes It Right debuts Oct. 16 on HGTV

Mike Holmes also appeared on 95.3 Virgin Radio with Drew Savage today. Visit the website to hear the phone interview:

Mike Holmes!

Posted By: Drew Savage·10/16/2012 9:23:00 AM

Drew Savage - Blog

Canada's favourite handy-man Mike Holmes joined the show this morning to talk about his new show, "Holmes Makes It Right", which debuts tonight on HGTV. He also dolled out some great home reno tips for the everyone else who may be considering upgrading their home.

HMIR_BlogOct2_MainWell, that's it. I didn't even include all the Tweets and Facebook stuff from Mike. I figured this was enough to digest for one night.

Enjoy Mike's new show, you lucky Canucks. And we Americans will just have to wait patiently until the new year. But our time will come... and soon!!!


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