Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fact or Fiction Quiz 2

How Well do You Know Mike Holmes? Fact or Fiction Quiz 2
Posted by Tina Taus, Web Producer Wednesday, October 10, 2012 10:06 AM EDT

Yesterday we kicked off our seven-day countdown to Mike Holmes’ new show Holmes Makes it Right, premiering Tuesday, October 16th at 9pm ET|PT. Each day leading up to the premiere we’re revealing a fun fact about Mike!

Our first Mike Fact or Fiction quiz question was: “Fact or Fiction? Mike’s very first tattoo was of a snake…” The correct answer: Fiction! Mike’s first tattoo was in fact a bulldog.

Got yesterday’s question right? Now’s your chance to get 2/2 with today’s second quiz question. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the correct answer, and to guess at a new fact about Mike.

Fact or Fiction? Mike's favourite colour of overalls are black...

Well, if by "favorite" they mean mostly worn, then the answer would be fiction. Mike is known for wearing brown overalls, not black. Although I have seen him wear black overalls before...for example:
Maybe all his brown ones were in the wash that day :)

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